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Yuba County Sheriff’s Department

Department Headquarters

Yuba County Sheriff
215 5th St., Suite 150
Marysville, CA 95901
Phone: 530-749-7777

The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department provides full policing services throughout Yuba County. The main division within the Department is the Operations Division. This division is divided into several different units in order to serve the community.


The deputies on patrol are the first responders to emergencies and other service calls. They enforce the laws within the unincorporated areas of Yuba County to over 55,000 residents. Reserve Officers

These officers provide additional support to Patrol operations. They are citizens who wish to help serve their community by working with law enforcement activities. They undergo extensive training in order to supplement the full-time staff.

County Jail

If an individual is arrested in Yuba County, they will be taken to the Yuba County Jail. Yuba County Jail Phone: 530-749-7740

The Jail Division of the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for the administration and operation of the county jail. The jail staff works to maintain a safe and secure environment for inmates in their custody.

The jail also houses Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees on a contract basis to help generate more revenue for the county.

Built in 1962 and renovated in the 1990s, the Yuba County Jail has the capacity to house 428 inmates. On average, the daily population is 374, with around 160 of them being ICE detainees.  The jail houses inmates who have been sentenced as well as those awaiting trial or sentencing.

Inmates are offered a variety of programs, such as a medical clinic, a full kitchen, and recreational activities. They are given the opportunity to exercise, shop in the commissary, visitation, and use of the law library, inmate education, work programs and furloughs.

There is an emphasis on rehabilitative training for inmates. Vocational training is offered in janitorial services, construction, and life skills. There is also drug and alcohol counseling, General Education courses, anger management and stress management.

Units & Divisions

Yuba County has seen unprecedented growth over the years. It is full of thriving, friendly communities that stretch into the Sierra foothills. The communities all have a small town feel enjoyed by over 70,000 residents and thousands of visitors each year. The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department provides law enforcement services to residents and visitors alike in the county. The officers strive to build and maintain a safe community.

The Department has several special units and divisions.​


This is a volunteer group of active, retired senior citizens interested in serving the community. They perform citizen patrols, vehicle maintenance and assist staff members throughout the department. Sheriff’s Posses

The Department has both a men’s and women’s posse. They assist the department in search and rescue operations and various community functions and events.

Marine Enforcement

These officers are responsible for patrolling and enforcing boating regulations on Yuba County’s lakes and rivers. This section is staffed year-round by two full-time members of the department, with an additional officer added on during the summer months.


Yuba County Sheriff’s Department is a part of a joint task force called Net-5, serving the Yuba-Sutter area. Other members of this task force include Marysville PD, Yuba City PD, Sutter County Sheriff, California Highway Patrol, and State Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement. The task force targets illegal drug use, possession, manufacturing and sales.

Technical Search and Rescue

This team of officers is trained to perform search and rescue missions on land and water throughout Yuba County. Crisis


This team is skilled at resolving extremely volatile situations in a peaceful resolution. Negotiators assist in hostage situations, barricaded individuals, suicidal individuals and other dangerous incidents. They work closely with tactical teams to help resolve potentially lethal situations.


The coroner is responsible for investigating the cause and manner of any sudden, unattended deaths. 

Bail Bonds for Yuba

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Updated:  ​04/​10/2015