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Solano County Sheriff’s Department

Department & Jail Information

Solano County Sheriff’s Office
530 Union Ave., Suite 100
Fairfield, CA 94533
Phone: 707-787-7100

Solano County is the setting of many beautiful countryside’s, scenic waterfronts and fertile farmlands. It is located between Sacramento and San Francisco. Covering over 909 square miles, Solano County is the home of several incorporated cities, such as Benicia, Vallejo, Suisun City, and Dixon. The Solano County Sheriff’s Department serves the more than 425,000 residents within the county, striving to maintain a high quality of life for the community and its visitors.

The goal of the Sheriff’s Department is to provide safe, humane and secure jails and progressive public safety services. It is divided into three divisions- Administration, Custody and Operations.
The Administration Division sets the goals and missions of the department, establishes policy and procedure, and ensures a healthy and productive workforce.

The Custody Division is responsible for the detainment and control of pre-trial and sentenced inmates. They ensure the health and well-being of inmates and staff at the Solano County Jail. It also facilitates the mandated processing and retention of inmate records and coordinates related custody issues with criminal justice agencies.

The Operations Division responds to all emergency and non-emergency calls. The officers prevent and detect any criminal activities and apprehend criminals. They assist citizens and create a bond with them that allows better communication between residents and the department.

The Sheriff’s Department is staffed with over 500 people, both sworn and civilian personnel. There are specialty Deputy Sheriff positions including SWAT, Marine Patrol, Criminal & Coroner Investigations, K9 units, Narcotics Enforcement, Court Services, Bicycle Enforcement, Crowd Control Team. There are also a number of Correctional Officers, Sheriff Service Technicians, Public Safety Dispatchers, Evidence Technicians, Legal Procedures Clerks and administrative staff working with the Sheriff’s Department.

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Updated:  11/10/2014