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Most likely, you are visiting this site because you have a friend, loved one or just someone you know who has been arrested and taken to jail by the Cupertino West Valley Sheriff’s Department. Now you are seeking information about bail and the bail bonds process. Fortunately, you’ve come to a very good place for both.

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Cupertino – West Valley Station Information

West Valley Division Sheriff’s Department
1601 S. De Anza Boulevard
Cupertino, CA 95014
Phone: (408) 868-6600

The West Valley Sheriff’s Station provides law enforcement and patrol services for the contract cities of Cupertino, Los Altos Hills, Moffett and Saratoga, as well as unincorporated areas on the Westside such as Santa Cruz Mountain communities of Aldercroft Heights, Chemeketa, Holy City and Redwood Estates.

If someone you know has been arrested in the Cupertino area, arrestees will typically be transported to the Santa Clara County main jail complex in San Jose for booking and processing. During the arrest and booking process, the bail amount will be set. It’s important to understand that the booking process can often take a long time to complete. It is also important to know that during the defendant’s time in jail, they will not have access to their cell phones, credit cards, or any personal items.

The Arrest Process

When someone is arrested they are most often taken to the Main Jail Complex in San Jose, which is the closest Cupertino jail for processing and booking. In some cases, the arrest and booking process can take quite a bit of time, depending on how busy the jail is.

Once they are booked, the following is likely to happen:

  • The defendant may be released with only a citation where a bail bond is not necessary.
  • The defendant is charged, booked and processed. Bail and arraignment may be set by the court or jail. 

The defendant then has to post the bail bond or make arrangements with a bail bonds com company to have the bond posted so they can be released from jail. At this time, they will be able to make a phone call to either you, the co-signer, or they may call a bail bond company directly.

If they call you, you should call an expert bail bonds company right away to make the necessary arrangements. Call Tonya Page Bail Bonds and we will kindly guide you through the Cupertino bail bond process and answer all your questions so that you gain a better understanding.

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Updated: 12/03/2010