Santa Barbara County Main Jails

Santa Barbara Main Jail Complex

Santa Barbara County Main Jail
4434 Calle Real
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Phone: 805-681-4100

The Santa Barbara County Main Jail is a correctional facility that is able to hold both female and male inmates as well as pre-trial detainees. Routinely, defendants are often transferred to this jail from many different areas and it serves as the direct booking site for the Sheriff’s Department.

Currently, the jail averages daily with a population of approximately 640 inmates. Lieutenants, Custody Deputies and Custody Deputy Sergeants all oversee the well being and safety of the inmates held at the Santa Barbara County Jail. There are both medical and psychiatric services provided at this facility.

Booking and Release Information

The booking process at the Santa Barbara Main Jail typically takes about four hours and includes the defendant’s photograph, fingerprinting and the actual booking into the system.

The release of a defendant from jail can take anywhere between two and six hours, and sometimes, even more if the Santa Barbara County jail is extremely busy.

The Santa Barbara County Jail is not allowed to accept a bail bond until all the booking and processing is complete. However, you may begin the bail bond process as soon as you know your friend or loved one is in trouble and being held at this jail facility.

Bail Bonds for Santa Barbara Jail

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Additional Santa Barbara Bail Bonds Information


Updated: 01/13/2011