Bail Bonds for the Valley Center Sheriff Substation

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Valley Center Sheriff Substation Information

Valley Center Sheriff Substation
28201 N. Lake Wohlford Rd.
Valley Center, CA 92082-6742
Business: (760) 751-4400
Fax: (760) 751-4430
Open: 8:00 AM to 5:PM Mon.-Fri. Closed Weekends

The Valley Center Sheriff’s Substation has 19 employees: 12 Patrol Deputies, two Detectives, one Sergeant, a lieutenant, two Indian Enforcement Deputies and an office clerk. They also are supported by a volunteer program through the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. Thanks to the low crime rate in Valley Center, the office clerk is actually able to keep up with all the paperwork.

The San Diego Sheriff’s Department had its historical beginnings in the hills, valleys and mountains of Valley Center, which deputies have patrolled since 1850. Today, the Valley Center Substation serves over 25,000 people in an area roughly 330 square miles is size, that includes the communities of Pala, Pauma and Rincon Valleys, Palomar Mountain, the Rancho Guejito Ranch, La Jolla, Pala, Pauma, Rincon, and San Pasqual Indian reservations.

Valley Center was originally the home of Luiseño Indians, until it was broken up into several communities by 19th century settlers, with names like Vineyard, Lilac and Bear Valley. The Bear Valley owes its name to the capture of the largest ever California grizzly bear in 1866. A year later, the name was changed from Bear Valley to Valley Center.

Valley Center is a heavily agricultural area. More than 80 percent of the water that is sold here is intended for flowers, groves and produce. The locals enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, year round, thanks to the Valley’s famous microclimates which are responsible for the cultivation of a wide variety of plant life. The area is considered to be the avocado capital of the world. Yet for all its rural charm, Valley Center is only about an hour away from downtown San Diego.

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Updated: 03/03/2010