San Marcos Sheriff Station

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San Marcos Station
San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

182 Santar Place
San Marcos, CA 92069
858-565-5200 – Dispatch
760-510-5200 – Business

The City of San Marcos contracts with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department for law enforcement services. The station has a service area of over 100 square miles that includes the City of San Marcos and the unincorporated areas of both San Marcos and Escondido.

The San Marcos Sheriff’s Station covers around 111,000 residents in a 100 square mile range that encompasses the City of San Marcos and the unincorporated areas Escondido, Deer Springs, Hidden Meadows, Jesmond Dene, San Pasqual, Elfin Forest, Harmony Grove, Del Dios, and Lake Hodges. It provides these communities with a wide variety of law enforcement services including patrol, traffic, COPPS, crime prevention and criminal investigations.

The station employs 8 professional staff, 8 reserve deputies, and 95 sworn deputies, sergeants, lieutenants and a captain, plus 70 volunteers. Although it relies on the largest part of the city’s budget to perform well (13.7 million dollars), this funding actually consumes a surprisingly low percentage when compared to other cities with higher crime rates. The reason is that San Marcos Sheriffs have developed some very successful strategies for combating crime, along with providing great resources for public safety (such as contracting additional special units like the School Resource Deputies, Street Narcotic and Gang Detectives and Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving-trained law enforcement). The San Marcos deputies also partner with their community and related social service personnel whenever possible.

The San Marcos Station has the only ASTREA landing pad at a patrol station, giving their deputies extended helicopter coverage. Locals are also benefitted by a search and rescue reserve, specialized investigations (homicide, bomb/arson, narcotics, child/elder abuse, financial crimes, domestic violence), modern crime lab facilities and one of the nation’s most modern law enforcement radio communications networks.

The San Marcos sheriffs are particularly proud of their Crime Prevention Unit, which gives their community access to many free services including start-up neighborhood and/or business watch groups, community safety presentations and alerts, Crime prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), plus reviews and security consultations for commercial and residential properties.

As if this weren’t enough, the station also offers Crime-Free Multi-Housing (for apartments and mobile home parks), a wide selection of children’s programs, Elder Abuse and Fraud Seminars, Safe Streets, a variety of special presentations (Internet Safety, Bullying, Fraud, Identity Theft, Personal Safety, Reporting Suspicious Activity, etc.), and the semi-annual Citizen Academies. If you would like to know more about these and other free services, you can contact them by calling: 858-974-2289.

A Crime Analyst Unit assists the San Marcos Sheriff Station in monitoring and predicting crime trends by combining criminology theory with criminal justice practice to analyze crime and disorder in support of prevention, intervention and suppression. They also analyze crime patterns and well known offenders. Their motto is: “We answer questions before they’re asked.

Another hi-tech tool the station employs is a geographic information system (GIS) to map crime and field incidents in support of crime prevention and emergency operations. Their data is shared with other agencies and the public via the Automated Regional Justice Information System, known as ARJIS. With this amazing technology, it is possible for San Marcos deputies to pinpoint a crime anywhere from one block to an entire region!

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Updated: 03/03/2010