Bail Bonds for the Poway Sheriff’s Station

Poway, which is known as “The City in the Country” prides itself on the fact that over half of its 40 square-mile area is preserved as dedicated open space. Poway Sheriffs serve the City of Poway and its unincorporated areas just outside the city limits for a resident population of 50,000.

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Poway Sheriff’s Station Information

Poway Sheriff’s Station
13100 Bowron Road
Business: (858) 513-2800
Fax: (858) 748-7954

Deputies from Poway Station respond to calls 24 hours a day and each has been given his/her own geographical “beat” area which enables the deputy to get to know the people who live and work there, well. All patrol deputies are trained in the Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS) philosophy that requires the interaction of neighborhood residents with law enforcement.

The Poway Sheriff’s Station also has a detectives division that specializes in cases involving theft, physical assaults (excluding homicides), sexual assaults, vandalism, burglaries, annoying phone calls and other crimes. These detectives are responsible for investigating all general crime cases and arrests made by their patrol deputies, too.

Another station group, called the Poway School Resource Officers, handle crimes relating to students at the middle and high school levels. These crimes include truancy, tobacco, drug and alcohol related offences, as well as any other crimes that occur on school grounds.

The Poway Station also has three Sheriffs that are part of a 7 member Accident Reconstruction Network. This group of law enforcement personnel is directly involved with traffic investigation, training, and/or the reconstruction of how an accident took place. You can contact these Poway Station team members to learn more by calling 858-513-2800.

Although violent crimes have tapered off during the recession, San Diego County is facing a rash of car break-ins. In 2008, thieves stole property from more than 5,000 cars within the Poway Sheriff Station jurisdiction, so they created a new, 20-person task force in an effort to “drive” the car crooks away. This task force primarily warns and informs the public that it just takes a few seconds for thieves to break into a car, whether you’re parked in your driveway, at a local sporting event or just running a quick errand. The Poway Station can afford to spend more time and resources on car break-ins because violent crime has dropped in the area by eight percent.

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Updated: 03/03/2010