Bail Bonds for Pine Valley Sheriff Substation

Has your friend or loved one been arrested and you need bail bonds for Pine Valley Sheriff’s Substation or its Boulevard-Jacumba Satellite Office? These Sheriff Stations may seem “too small” or “out of the way” for many bondsmen bother to posting bail. But my company, Tonya Page Bail Bonds, will do so. We are local, fast, friendly and honest. We’re also the company individuals and families like to call because our bondsmen specialize in this area (and yes, we do have bondsmen throughout California, too). We’re available 24 hours a day to help you.

We offer free bail advice and we accept all major credit cards. When you fill out one of our simple applications, our 10% cost-of-service fee is the only fee you’ll pay. We never tack on any hidden or unreasonable fees:

  • No Processing Fees
  • No Late Night Fees
  • No Travel Fees
  • No First Time fees
  • No Holiday Fees
  • No Weekend Fees

Please call Tonya Page Bail Bonds at 1-877-861-3761 and ask one of our friendly bondsmen about the Pine Valley Sheriff’s Substation or Boulevard/Jacumba Office, right away!

Bail Bonds for the Pine Valley Sheriff’s Substation

San Diego County Sheriff’s Pine Valley Substation
28848 Old Hwy 80, PO Box 312
Pine Valley, CA 91962-1312
Business: (619) 473-8774
Fax: (619) 473-8367
Open 8:00 AM to 5:PM Mon.-Fri. Closed Weekends

The Pine Valley Substation, which was built in the 1970s, covers over 400 square miles. It’s jurisdiction is made up of the Pine Valley, Guatay, Descanso, Mount Laguna, Boulevard and Jacumba communities. The Sheriff’s office is attached to the Pine Valley Volunteer Fire Department, in keeping with the small-town and rural ambiance of this area.

Just 45 minutes east of San Diego, and off Highway 8, Pine Valley is a beautiful mountain community that offers many exciting outdoor activities like hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing and just plain relaxation.

The Pine Valley Substation doesn’t have an on-site jail, so arrestees are transferred to the San Diego Central Jail once they have been booked into the system. Booking time takes anywhere from one to two hours, so it’s a good idea to get the defendant’s bail posted in the Substation to insure a much quicker release.

Boulevard/Jacumba Satellite Sheriff’s Office Information

San Diego County Sheriff’s Boulevard/Jacumba Office

39919 Highway 94
Boulevard, CA 91905-0217
Business: (619) 766-4585
Fax: (619) 766-4816
Open 8:00 AM to 5:PM Mon.-Fri. Closed Weekends

The Sheriff’s Boulevard/Jacumba Office is a satellite office of the Pine Valley Substation. It serves a 200 square mile area that is made up of the Boulevard and Jacumba communities. This is a very rural area with only 2,000 residents. The Boulevard community is located in the high desert along the east San Diego/Mexico border. The town of Jacumba is in the Jacumba Mountains along the U.S./Mexico border.

Like Pine Valley, the station has no on-site jail, so arrestees are usually taken the SDCJ after they have been booked into the system.

The Right Bail Bondsman

Our bail bondsmen will meet you at all detention centers and jails throughout San Diego to provide service. We also know how to access all the required information concerning arrest charges and bail amounts for a friend or loved one – saving considerable time for our clients. And time is of the essence in the Pine Valley or Boulevard/Jacumba areas since the sheriff offices there don’t have on-site jails. Trust us, you don’t want somebody you care about transferred to one of the bigger San Diego prisons!

But no Sheriff’s Station is too small or too remote for a Tonya Page Bail Bondsman to post bail. Even if you can’t get to the station, we’ll arrange bail by fax, email, over the phone – and we’ll also come to you.

At Tonya Page Bail Bonds, we also understand that you may have a lot of questions/concerns about How A Bail Bond Works, Options for Release from Jail, Booking and Processing, Bail Bond Costs and Payment Options. As you can see, we made sure our resources are just one click away for your convenience.

Questions about bail bonds the Pine Valley Sheriff’s Substation or its Boulevard-Jacumba Satellite Office? Please call a licensed bondsman, 24/7 at 1-877-861-3761 for help.


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Updated: 03/03/2010