Professional Bail Bonds in National City

You probably came across this site in search of a trusted bail bonds company who can get your loved one out of jail in National City. We’re glad you have found us.

We are experts in the bail bonds industry and we can carefully guide you through the bail process.

Tonya Page Bail Bonds is a professional company who takes pride in our service of helping others, especially while going through a very tough time of having to bail someone out of jail.

We know you are probably upset and/or aggravated about the situation you’re currently in. Give us a call to find out what your options are for bailing your loved one or friend out of jail. We have specific information about the National City jail that will speed up the bond process.

Please call the toll free number as soon as possible: 1-877-861-3761 (1-877-861-3761). A  friendly, compassionate and licensed bondsman will guide you through the bail bond process.

Do I Have To Use a Bondsman?

Not necessarily. If you have the entire amount of the bail you can post it directly at the jail. If the bail is set at $50,000, then you would simply take $50,000 to the jail and post what is called a “cash bail” in the form of cash or a cashier’s check. This would release the defendant from jail.

Once the defendant’s case is completed, you would receive that amount back, minus any administrative fees charged. If you don’t have that kind of money available, then most likely you’ll need to call a bondsman who charges just 10% of the bail as a non-refundable fee.

National City Police Information

National City Police Department
1200 National City Boulevard
National City, CA 91950-4302
(619) 336-4400 General Information and Questions
1-877-861-3761 Bail Bond Information

National City sits on nine square miles and has approximately 59,000 residents. The National City Police Department commits to serving the public with the highest level of public safety and professional service.

The police department continues to rely on community involvement and volunteers to report suspicious criminal activity or problems. The Patrol Division responds to over 37,000 calls per year, and most of those are handled by their uniformed police officers. These highly trained and skilled officers are purposely assigned certain areas of patrol to increase and build community support, stronger relationships within the neighborhood, and become more familiar with specific problems in that neighborhood.

The National City Police Department continues to pursue special enforcement details that include prostitution stings, driving while under the influence (DUI), sex offender registration operations, and ABC stings.

If someone you know has been arrested in National City, give us a quick call and we’ll inform you of exactly what is needed to have them released. We have the specific details you need to get them out of jail. A professional bondsman  will carefully walk you through the short bail process and gather information needed to proceed. 

Our toll free number for National City is: 1-877-861-3761 or 1-877-861-3761.

Tonya Page Bail Bonds is committed to serving you with dignity and respect during your time of need. We’ll get your friend or loved one back home to you as soon as possible.


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Updated: 06/07/2010