Bail Bonds for Lemon Grove Sheriff Station

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Let us make Lemon Grove lemonade out of a sour lemon arrest. Call 1-877-861-3761 and one of our caring, licensed bondsmen will answer all your bail-related questions.

Lemon Grove Sheriff’s Station Information

Lemon Grove Sheriff’s Station
3240 Main Street
Lemon Grove, CA 91945-1705
Business: (619) 337-2000
Fax: (619) 337-2076
Open Mon.-Fri. 8:00AM to 5:00 PM. Closed weekends.

Lemon Grove is a city with a colorful history. It was settled in 1869 and became well known for sheep and poultry ranching, along with its vegetable crops. All that changed around 1900, when the city acquired its name from the many large citrus groves that were planted here. Lemon and orange growing and shipping became the area’s hot industry for many decades. In 1931, a civil rights demonstration called The Lemon Grove Incident occurred when Mexican Americans boycotted segregated schools, resulting in the first court-ordered desegregation in the USA.

By World War II, the citrus groves were replaced by suburbs and actor Dennis Hopper grew up here. Then, in 1966, two teens found Indian mummies in a cave near Chihuahua, Mexico, which they smuggled across the border back to – you guessed it – Lemon Grove. The teens secretly stored the mummies in a friend’s garage for 14 years. When their friend’s mother discovered them, she thought a murder had been committed. The Lemon Grove Sheriff’s Department tracked the mummies back to the two teens (now grown men) and they were donated to the San Diego Museum of Man after local officials were granted permission by Mexican authorities.

Today, Lemon Grove is home to both a ten-foot-high statue of a lemon and, since 1977, the Lemon Grove Sheriff’s Station. The station provides contract law enforcement services to the City of Lemon Grove and the unincorporated communities of Spring Valley, Rancho San Diego, Jamul, Mt. Helix, Casa de Oro, La Mesa and El Cajon. Its patrol deputies respond to calls 24/7 and each officer is assigned to a “beat” area so he/she can become familiar with the people in their beat and problems in the area. Deputies like to participate in the community by attending Neighborhood Watch meetings and making presentations to youth groups, service groups and schools. The station also boasts a Traffic, Crime Prevention Specialist and Detective Divisions.

The Lemon Grove Sheriff Station doesn’t have an on-site jail, so arrestees are transported to the San Diego Central Jail after they’ve been booked into the system.

How Bail Works in California

No matter where you go in California, bail works the same way. When a person is arrested on suspicion of a crime, they are taken to a Sheriff or Police Station, or to a jail for booking and holding. Many times the person is able to get out of jail on bail and return home to their daily routine until their criminal trial. But if they are given this option, they need to provide the courts with the full amount of the bail in exchange for their jail release.

Bail bonding agencies can help facilitate a release when a defendant’s friends and/or family make 10% down payments, called premiums, for the cost of the bail. After the defendant has showed up for their day in court, the entire bail amount is returned to the bond company who posted it. By paying a 10% cost-of-service premium to a bail bondsman, you won’t have to come up with the entire bail amount, which can be pretty steep.

So how do you choose the right bail bonding company? Bail bond agencies charge the same, generally 10% of the full bail amount, so we suggest selecting a company based on their availability and reliability. My company, Tonya Page Bail Bonds enjoys an excellent reputation in the bail bond industry and with law enforcement. We also have an A+ business rating with the BBB. Our number one goal is to make you feel comfortable during a difficult time and to get the person you care about most, out of jail fast.

When you call Tonya Page Bail Bonds 24/7at 1-877-861-3761, we’ll help you through the bail process step by step!

Please also visit our frequently asked bail questions (FAQs) page for more information about bail and your role in the bonding process.


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Updated: 03/03/2010