Bail Bonds for the Encinitas Sheriff Station

Tonya Page Bail Bonds is a full service bond company. We have bondsman strategically located throughout Southern California, including the San Diego County and Encinitas areas, so we can quickly respond to each and every call we receive. We can also meet with you at your home, office or at the local jail (for Encinitas residents that would be the Vista Detention Center) to post your bond within minutes. Our application is easy to fill out and we’ll send it to you by fax or email –or deliver it in person, too.

When posting a bond, you become the Indemnitor, that is, a co-signer who shares the responsibility for the defendant, with us. An expert, Tonya Page Bail Bondsman can make sure you have all the information you need to know before taking on this responsibility. Most of our clients, after having to deal with this process for the first time, really appreciate our support. This is because we understand that when a friend or family member who is close to you is in jail, you have enough to worry about. So please, let us handle the paperwork! Throughout our 40 year history, our main goal has remained the same: Deliver quality, value and, most of all, considerate service to you, our customers.

To speak with a caring, licensed and experienced bondsman 24/7, call Tonya Page Bail Bonds at 1-877-861-3761.

Encinitas Sheriff Station Information

Encinitas Sheriff Station
175 North El Camino Real
Encinitas, CA 92024-2899
Business: (760) 966-3500
Fax: (760) 942-5093
Open: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mon.-Fri. Closed Weekends

The Encinitas Sheriff Station serves a community that is about 60 square miles in size. This includes the cities of Del Mar, Encinitas and Solana Beach, as well as the unincorporated towns of Rancho Santa Fe, Del Dios, Camp Pendleton and San Onofre. In addition to its full time personnel, the Encinitas Station contracts with the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club and the 22nd Agricultural District for law enforcement services at the San Diego County Fair, Del Mar Races, and other events throughout the year.

Since Encinitas is a coastal resort, the local sheriffs have had to deal with more than their fair share of people driving under the influence. But all that is about to change. The city has recently received a grant fund that enables deputies to set up sobriety checkpoints, employ saturation enforcement, safety belt enforcement and create intervention programs. Other recommendations to curb drunk driving, like ignition interlock devices, reducing the BAC limit to .05 and increasing the cost of alcohol are being considered.

Encinitas is a lovely coastal community of five suburbs, located 25 miles north of downtown San Diego. Each ‘burb has a unique small-town charm and interesting history. Encinitas has a significant flower growing industry and locals say it is the Flower Growing Capital of the world. Indeed, one of its biggest tourist attractions are the Quail Botanical Gardens — a forest of shrubs, trees, and native plants. With six miles of rugged coastline Encinitas residents also enjoy fantastic ocean views and they have developed a great surfing culture.

Unfortunately, if someone you care about has been arrested in the Encinitas area, they probably won’t get much of a chance to enjoy the view from their cell in the Vista Detention Center, for that is where Encinitas sheriffs transport their arrestees. Vista jail is very slow in processing defendants and they frequently have their telephone lines overloaded with calls. Please be patient when calling them to get information, or better yet, let a qualified bail bond company like Tonya Page Bail Bonds handle this task for you.

Finding the Right Bondsman

When people think of a typical bail bondsman, they picture muscle heads tricked out in Para-military gear, sporting sunglasses, mullets and bullet proof vests. But at Tonya Page Bail Bonds we’re less ‘reality show’ and more ‘real family’. For our dedicated bondsmen, it is the behind the scenes action that creates a successful bail bond company. We are committed to providing the highest degree of customer service. We don’t just help individuals get their friends and loved ones out of jail, fast, we help them through the process as well.

Would you or anyone in your family like to know more about: How A Bail Bond Works, Options for Release from Jail, Booking and Processing, or other related topics, like Bail Bond Costs and Payment Options? Please read this information and/or call us.

Need Bail? Call Tonya Page Bail Bonds at 1-877-861-3761 for help with loved ones or friends in the Encinitas Sheriff Station or Vista Detention Center.


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