Bail Bonds for the Campo Sheriff Substation

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Campo Sheriff’s Substation Information

Campo Sheriff Substation
378 Sheraton Rd.
Campo, CA 92006
Business: (619) 478-5378
Fax: (619)478-9076

Dulzura Office (Satellite Office of the Campo Substation)
Business: (619) 468-3268
Fax: (619) 468-9670
Open: 8:00 AM to 5:PM Mon.-Fri. Closed Weekends

The Campo Substation has been around since 1987, serving an unincorporated area of nearly 300 square miles that includes the San Diego backcountry communities of Campo, Potrero, Tecate and Dulzura. This is a very rural community, with a population of only 3,000 persons.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department created a Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) after recognizing that local community members play an integral part of any law enforcement strategy. CAG has made a big impact on the Campo Substation by nurturing a greater sense of ownership on behalf of the citizens, in addition to a greater sense of collaboration with law enforcement officials in the east county.

Campo is best known as the home of Camp Lockett, the last camp the U.S. Army built specifically for horse cavalry units that included the Buffalo Soldiers, an African American World War II unit led by Colonel Charles Young, who helped make the Sequoias a National Park treasure by saving the trees from being cut down. Other popular historical sites include the Gaskill Stone Store, the Motor Transport Museum and the San Diego Railroad Museum.

Campo is also the official southern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail, a recreational hiking and equestrian trail extending 2,650 miles to the Canadian Border and home to Lake Morena County Park, which has something to offer every outdoor enthusiast.

Needless to say, it’s an idealic community, but when crimes are committed, Campo Sheriff Deputies are quick to take action. Once arrestees have been booked into their system, they are transported to one of three jails: San Diego Central Jail, Vista Jail or (for women) Las Colinas.

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Updated: 12/14/2010