Bail Bonds in San Diego County

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I offer bail bonds in San Diego for all cities in the County. As a California licensed bail bondsman, I will assist you in the San Diego bail bond process, and make sure you understand everything from arrest to jail release, including bail bond costs, payment options and your responsibilities should you decide to proceed with bail .

You may find San Diego inmate information directly from the San Diego County Jail or you may call me at 619-224-5669 to speak with a professional bail bondsman about specific San Diego bail bonds questions for the most up to date bail bond information and services.

Bail Bond Process

Tonya Page Bail Bonds can help you with fast release from any of San Diego jail. I can help you with bail bonds on any charges including Domestic Violence and DUI charges. As a professional bail bondsman, I am familiar with the bail bond process. You can review the bail bond information I have provided online or call for answers to your specific questions regarding San Diego bail bonds.

Please call locally at 619-224-5669 to speak with a licensed bail bondsman.

After arrest and during processing of a defendant, bail is set. The amounts for bail in San Diego are set annually by county judges. The judges will lay out a “bail schedule” detailing each type of charge and setting a corresponding bail amount. Bail amounts may be set differently from the bail schedule based on prior criminal record, severity of the incident and mitigating circumstances to the case. That said, if you are looking for a good idea of a bail amount you can find that in the San Diego Bail Schedule.

If bail has not yet been determined, I can generally give you a good idea of the bail amount based on the information you provide. After reviewing your situation and ensuring that you understand your responsibilities in bailing some one out of jail, I will email or fax you the simple bail documents and we will arrange payment. Most of my clients pay by credit card because it is the fastest processing. An agent will then “post” the bond with the San Diego jail. The defendant will then be released by the jailer.

The San Diego Jail System

Compared with most major cities, the San Diego jail system is relatively simple. There are four main jails where the majority of arrestees are taken:

The San Diego Central Jail, a men’s jail in downtown San Diego, admits 65% of the arrestees in the County. The Men’s Central Jail page is an excellent resource for San Diego bail bonds and inmate information.

Men arrested in North County San Diego are taken to the Vista Detention Center Jail.

All women arrested in San Diego County are taken to Las Colinas Detention Facility (also known as Las Colinas jail). I offer additional information on Las Colinas bail bonds on a separate page.

Chula Vista is the only city in San Diego County that operates its own independent jail facility. Their site provides Chula Vista inmate information, bail and Chula Vista Jail information. I can help you with Chula Vista Bail Bonds.

When arrested, detainees may also be taken to other facilities in San Diego for booking and processing.

Get Through the Bail Bond Process Quickly

Quality service for both individuals and families with loved ones in trouble is our specialty, and that starts with a highly trained team who truly works hard to ensure that you and your family receive timely help. We are able to perform these services well, because we know the San Diego jail system inside-out. Our bondsmen can facilitate a quick release for anybody that has been arrested and taken there.

  • We specialize in posting bonds throughout San Diego County and the San Marcos area.
  • We can do the entire bond process over the phone, by fax, by email or in person.
  • We’ll contact you as soon as arrangements have been completed.
  • We work 24/7 and on weekends and holidays

I realize that this is a difficult time in your life and I am dedicated to providing you with the fastest services for bail bonds in San Diego County. You can review the information I have provided online or call for answers to your specific San Diego bail bonds questions. Please call locally at 619-224-5669.

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Updated: ​04/16/2015