San Bernardino Sheriff Department

This page offers information for the different San Bernardino Sheriff Department Stations, jails and the community that they serve.

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San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department 
655 E. 3rd Street
San Bernardino, CA 92145

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is the headquarters of the entire law enforcement agencies for the county of San Bernardino. Within the entire San Bernardino County Sheriff jurisdiction, there are four detention facilities and ten patrol stations. The county of San Bernardino is, by land, the largest in the nation that covers approximately 20,186 square miles.

Fourteen different cities contract with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department for their law enforcement services. The Department provides these cities with complete law enforcement service including, traffic services, investigations, and a wide variety of safety services and various support operations which provide enforcement coverage for the County of San Bernardino.

Other Sheriff Station and Jail Information in San Bernardino

Adelanto Sheriff Station
The current Adelanto Detention Facility jail can hold up to 706 inmates. In the near future, there are plans for an expansion which will allow an additional 1,368 beds and 3 new multi-story inmate housing units designed to hold up to 456 inmates.

Adelanto Detention Center-Jail
The Adelanto Detention Center was first opened in 2006. It is a type II jail facility with a capacity of approximately 700 inmates. The structure was built to free up space for the Bureau of Detention and Corrections. 

Apple Valley Station
The Apple Valley Sheriff’s Station consists of 55 officers and 13 general employees. They work closely with Code Enforcement, Probation and Parole to reduce crime and to keep the community safe. If someone has been arrested in Apple Valley, they will be taken to the Victorville Jail located on Civic Drive in Victorville.

Barstow-Trona Station
The Barstow station handles one of the largest territories in all of California. The Sheriff Department patrols the communities of Baker, Daggett, Hinkley, Lenwood, Ludlow, Newberry Springs, Sandy Valley, Yermo, Red Mountain and Trona.

Big Bear Station & Jail
This station is host to the City of Big Bear Lake’s contract law enforcement personnel, as well as staff, in order to serve the unincorporated area. Additionally, a type I jail facility is housed within the county building.

Central Detention Center
The Central Detention Center Jail, also known as the “CDC,” was first opened in 1971. Currently, the jail houses approximately 330 federal inmates and approximately 600 county inmates. The CDC also encompasses a Juvenile Intervention program for “at risk” youth. 

Central Station
The Central station provides patrol service to the unincorporated areas of the central valley. These include: Waterman Canyon, Arrowhead Farms, Devore and Muscoy. It also provides service for Grand Terrace, Loma Linda and the San Manuel Indian Reservation and Casino.

Chino Hills Station
The Chino Hills Police/Sheriff’s Department has developed a strong working partnership with the city and its citizens by establishing a total team response that meets the needs of the community urban communities in the West Valley.

Colorado River Station & Jail
The Colorado River Station covers the second largest geographical jurisdiction in San Bernardino County and is considered the county’s “East Coast.” This facility houses a 30 bed Type I jail facility, which takes in all arrestees from the Sheriff’s Department, the California Highway Patrol, and all the other agencies that arrest under state law on the California side of the river.

Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center
The Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center run by the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Deaprtment. The jail is located on a 9-acre plot of land. The rehab facility holds both male and female defendants. The Glen Helen facility can hold a maximum of  1,204 inmates at one time. 

Grand Terrace
The City of Grand Terrace contracts with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department for their law enforcement, traffic services, investigations, and a wide variety of other safety services. Most arrestees will be taken to the West Valley Detention Center Jail in Rancho Cucamonga. Others may be taken to the Central Detention Center in San Bernardino.

Highland Station
The Highland Sheriff station is currently staffed with 31 sworn officers. Since its incorporation, the City of Highland has chosen to contract for its law enforcement services through the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

Morongo Basin Station
The Morongo Basin Station is the third largest Sheriff’s station in both area and total number of calls for law enforcement services in San Bernardino County. Within the station’s area of responsibility are the incorporated communities of Twenty-nine Palms, Town of Yucca Valley, Morongo Valley, Landers, Johnson Valley, Joshua Tree, Wonder Valley, Pioneertown, Amboy, Cadiz and Flamingo Heights. Because Morongo has just a small sub-station, arrestees will likely be transferred to West Valley Detention or Adelanto Jail.

Needles Station
The City of Needles contracted with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department for its law enforcement services, and is one of the five cities in the high desert to take advantage of this relationship. The city also has one of the lowest crime rates of any city in the county.

Rancho Cucamonga
The City of Rancho Cucamonga contracts with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department for their law enforcement services. Those arrested in Rancho Cucamonga are taken to the West Valley Jail.

The City of Redlands Police Department contracts with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department for their law enforcement, and other services. There are four designated Community Policing Officers who work out of two Community Policing Stations located in strategic areas within the city. 

Victor Valley Station
The Victor Valley Station provides law enforcement services to the communities of Adelanto, Helendale, Oro Grande, Silver Lakes, El Mirage, Spring Valley Lake, Oak Hills, Wrightwood and the unincorporated areas of the Victor Valley area not serviced by the cities of Hesperia, Victorville and the Town of Apple Valley. This station also provides contract law enforcement services to the City of Adelanto and has two Substations in Lucerne Valley and Phelan.

Victorville Station
The Victorville Station serves as the Police Department and works closely with the others departments in the City of Victorville. The Victorville Station has the distinction of being the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s oldest contract city operation.

Twin Peaks Station
The patrol area stretches from Lake Silverwood to Lake View point and includes towns such as Crestline, Lake Arrowhead and Running Springs and numerous smaller communities and neighborhoods.

The Yucaipa Sheriff Station is responsible for policing the City of Yucaipa, but also for the surrounding unincorporated areas. These communities include Angelus Oaks, Barton Flats, Forest Falls, Mentone, the lower region of Mountain Home Village and Oak Glen. Their primary goal is to provide quality law enforcement and public safety services immediately. In the last year, Yucaipa deputies responded to approximately 9,000 calls for service and investigated 1,300+ crimes in unincorporated communities.

West Foothill

The Captain of the Sheriff’s Department is Mike Mascetti. He, along with his team of service specialists, makes West Foothills a safe place to live and visit. They work closely with surrounding area departments, including Rancho Cucamonga Police Department, Riverside Sheriff’s Department, Fontana Police Department and Rialto Police Department. 

West Valley Detention Center
When someone is arrested by the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department or elsewhere in San Bernardino County, it is highly likely they will be transferred to the West Valley Detention Center jail. This facility is located just one mile away from the 15 and 10 freeways in Rancho Cucamonga and has the reputation of being one of the largest county jails in California.

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Updated: 08/21/2011