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The city of Redlands is known for its many citrus groves and was once part of the original Spanish Mission lands.


If someone you love has been arrested in the city of Redlands, let Tonya Page Bail Bonds be your first call. We understand the apprehension that people feel when facing the uncertainty of being arrested, going to jail, or obtaining a bail bond. Let us help put that uncertainty at ease. Our caring, professional bondsmen are on hand anytime to answer your most pressing questions about the bail bond process.


Give us a call at 1-877-861-3761 to get information about bail bonds in Redlands.

Release and Jail Information

There is not a jail located at the Redlands Police Department. If someone you know has been arrested in Redlands, some arrestees will be taken to the West Valley Detention Center Jail in Rancho Cucamonga. Others may be transported to the Central Detention Center in San Bernardino. Once a bail bond has been posted at either one of these facilities, release can generally take between 4 to 12 hours, depending on the individual case and how busy the staff at each facility may be.

Our Bail Services

At Tonya Page Bail Bonds, we can handle all charges and bail amounts in the San Bernardino County. We also specialize in family situations that may include Domestic Violence Charges or DUI’s. We always offer both fast and convenient ways of handling the paperwork via fax or email. We can also offer the additional convenience of meeting with you at the jail the inmate is being held, or we’ll come directly to your home or office.

Creative Financing Options

The bail bond costs are mandated by California state law. They are typically 10% of the full bail amount. For example, if the bail amount is set at $10,000, your cost would be $1,000. With our company, you’ll always know what the bail costs are prior to signing any paperwork.

If you need financing, we offer creative solutions and have several payment options to choose from. We’ll let you know within a few short minutes if you qualify. When you do, we can work out payments with no additional finance charges or fees. A credit card is typically the most convenient and fastest way of paying for a bail bond. We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express or Discover.

Redlands Police and Jail Information

Redlands Police Department
30 Cajon
Redlands, CA 92373

West Valley Detention Center – Jail
909-350-2476 Inmate Information
909-899-2037 Visitor information

Central Detention Center


The City of Redlands Police Department contracts with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department for their law enforcement, and other services. There are four designated Community Policing Officers who work out of two Community Policing Stations located in strategic areas within the city. They are responsible for coordinating appropriate police responses, tailored to the unique neighborhoods and commercial areas each serves. They provide long-term solutions to the causes of crime, fear and those issues affecting the quality of life.

Community policing activities include neighborhood clean-ups, liaison with landlord/tenant groups, annual kids Christmas party and solving localized criminal or traffic problems. The success of community policing has kept the crime rate in Redlands one of the lowest in San Bernardino County.

Redlands Bail Bondsmen

We hope to have been able to answer your most important questions about the bail bonds process in Redlands. We are always dedicated to providing our clients with the fastest and most reliable service in for bail bonds at the Redlands jail facility and in San Bernardino County. Feel free to contact us any time 24/7 for a free phone consultation from one of our courteous, caring and professional bail bondsmen.

Our toll-free, nationwide number is 1-877-861-3761. Let us be your first choice in bail bonds.

“We offer a bail-by-fax option to assist in having the detainee released from jail as quickly as possible. Call to speak to directly with a licensed bail bond agent to get your loved one out of jail and back home today.”

Tonya Page, Bondsman and Owner


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Updated: 02/20/2015