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We know that this time may be a difficult one for you and your family. When you need answers about bail bonds for Fontana, we’ll take time to listen to every question and help you with the compassion you deserve.

We’re a family company who understands family situations and understand you may not know the bail bonds process. We always have a bondsman available that specializes in bail bonds for the Fontana Police Department.

To get help with bail bonds for Fontana, call us any time 24/7 for a free one-on-one phone consultation with a licensed bondsman at our toll-free number, 1-877-861-3761.

Fontana Police Department and Jail Information

Fontana Police Department
17005 Upland Ave.
Fontana, CA 92335
Phone: 909-350-7700

Office Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (closed on holidays)

The Fontana Police Department is one of the leading and most recognized police departments in the state for community-oriented programs. The Chief of Police is Rodney G. Jones. Along with the Captain of the Police Department are other specialized units such as Narcotics, Animal Services, Crime Prevention, a “MET” (Multiple Enforcement Team), and Emergency Service Unit, to name a few. 

To get help with bail bonds for the Fontana Police Department, call Tonya Page Bail Bonds today at 1-877-861-3761.

Bail Bond Processing and Fees

Once the defendant’s booking process is completed, they will be cleared for bail. A phone call placed to our bondsman can have bail bonds in Fontana approved in just minutes. After that, we can immediately get started with the simple application.

While not necessarily required, it is helpful for us to have important information such as the defendant’s name, their date of birth and when they were arrested. To receive the paperwork in a quick manner, all you need is access to fax, or email. As an added convenience to you, we can also meet with you at your home, work or the Fontana jail where your family member or friend is being held.

In San Bernardino, as well as the rest of California, the legally mandated fee for bail bond is 10%. For example, if your family or friend’s bail amount is set at $20,000, you would pay $2,000 to have the bond posted and have them released. There are never any additional taxes, fees or finance charges. We accept all major credit cards and most often, we won’t need any collateral from you. Call today to speak to a licensed bail bondsman about your Fontana bail bond and to find out all the important details associated with bailing someone out of jail.

Call us any time of day, toll free at 1-877-861-3761.

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Updated: 11/03/2010