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Hillsborough Police Department Information

Hillsborough Police Department
1600 Floribunda Ave.
Hillsborough, California 94010
Phone: 650-375-7411

Tasked with protecting both the well-being and the privacy of Hillsborough’s largely affluent populous, the Hillsborough Police Department is one of the most esteemed forces in the great state of California.

A largely exclusive town of almost 11,000 residents, Hillsborough is one of the finest areas in San Mateo County. If your loved one finds themselves arrested within Hillsborough, the charm of the town is probably the last thing on any of your minds.

We can help with the arrest. Tonya Page Bail Bonds packs years of experience and a team of licensed expert bondsmen into one force – a force that’s on your side throughout the arrest process giving you an insider’s look at and a helping hand with the San Mateo County legal system. Upon arrest in Hillsborough, the inmate will go through a process known as “booking.” This typically lasts a few hours and consists of fingerprinting, official photography, background checks against a national database, and any necessary interviews regarding the case.

From there, the inmate may be transported to Maguire Jail if male or the San Mateo County Women’s Correctional Facility if female. Both jails are within Redwood City and you will have to pick up your loved one if bail is posted to either, several hours after the fact.


For further information about the Hillsborough Police Department or San Mateo Jail Facility, please call our toll-free number at, 877-861-3761. We know the jail systems very well and will be able to assist you in an efficient and timely manner.

Who Sets Bail?

Bail amounts don’t fluctuate, but are set on an annual basis by a judge in each county. Individual bail amounts vary from case-to-case. Bail is set based on criteria like:

  • Inmate’s criminal history
  • Nature and severity of the crime
  • Perceived threat to public safety
  • Possibility of fleeing before the trial date

A bail bond is an agreement between you as the cosigner, and the bondsman which ensures you’ll only pay a fraction of this price, in California 10% of total cost. In return, the cosigner agrees to the promise that the defendant will attend their trial. For example, a bail of $15,000 means you pay $1500 out-of-pocket.

Tonya Page Bail Bonds has many convenient options available to you regarding the bail bond process and payment methods. We are available to meet with you in-person at a location of your choice, or we can handle the bail bond paperwork via email or fax.

Call us today to find out how we can get started immediately with your Hillsborough bail bond, or to answer any questions you may have. In just a few short minutes, you could be on your way to having your friend or loved one safely released from jail. Call 1-877-861-3761.


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Updated ​04/16/2015