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San Francisco Police Department

The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) has two divisions; Metro Division and Goldengate Division. Within those divisions, they have 10 police stations located throughout the city.

The SFPD main headquarters is located at 850 Bryant St., in the San Francisco Hall of Justice and is also known as the Southern Station. This particular station serves as San Francisco’s head court, as well as all court and county jail facilities.

The San Francisco Police Department is an individual entity on its own and shouldn’t be considered the same as the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department primary responsibility is the operation of all the jails within the city and considered a different law enforcement agency all together.

With the SFPD being ranked as the 11th biggest police department within the United States, it is not unusual for them to service an approximate population of 1.2 million people. In addition, they will serve millions of visitors and tourists who frequent the city to enjoy San Francisco’s unique attractions.

It all started in 1849 when the SFPD began to evolve into a cutting-edge law enforcement department. During the 1900s, the SFPD was the first to introduce fingerprinting and employing minorities within their staff. The SFPD is known for having one of the toughest reputations when it comes to dealing with serious crimes.

The SFPD has executed many successful programs that have resulted in a down-turn in crime within the area. One of the programs, The Shot Spotter Gunshot Detection System, blankets three miles of the Mission area and covers an additional 15 miles of the Tenderloin and Potrero Hill area. Additionally, their “violence reduction plan” enforces gang injunctions, court orders, as well as bringing suspects into custody after a bench warrant has been issued.

San Francisco Jails

When someone is arrested at one of the SFPD Stations, they will have to go through a booking, intake and processing procedures. Once that is completed, they will then be taken to one of the San Francisco County Jails, which is handled by the Sheriff’s Department Custody Division. The transporting of inmates from the SFPD stations to the County jail only happens every two to four hours.

The jail system handles roughly 55,000 bookings each year and is made up of eight jails. There are a total of 800 deputy sheriffs who handle all the booking and processing at these locations. Most often, those arrested will be taken to the Bryant Street Jail due to it being at the Hall of Justice.

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SFPD Station Information


Central Police Station
766 Vallejo St.
San Francisco, CA 94133
Non-emergency: (415) 553-0123
(415) 576-1711 TDD/TTY

Central Station is appropriately named due to it being located in the central area of San Francisco. Located in this area are seven of the most popular tourist attractions, as well as the entertainment district, tourism center, commerce and civic events. This district has the three famous hills: Telegraph, Nob and Russian. Also included are what is known as the financial district, Chinatown, North Beach and Fisherman’s

Mid-Market Substation
72 Sixth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

The Mid-Market Substation is located within the 6th Street district.  The substation is centrally located between larger stations allowing officers to complete basic police duties without having to drive to a larger district station.  It is also designed to keep more police on the streets.

Mission Police Station
630 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
Non-emergency: (415) 553-0123
(415) 431-6241 TDD/TTY

The Mission District is commonly known as “the heart of the city,” and expands the area of Twin Peaks to James Lick Freeway, to south of Market Street and to Cesar Chavez Street. The sunny climate in this district makes it a sought-after place for residents and visitors, as well as the restaurants, shops and club scene.

Northern Police Station
1125 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA 94115
Non-emergency: (415) 553-0123
(415) 588-2404 TDD/TTY

The Northern Station includes Larkin Street, Market Street, Steiner Street over to Broadway, and then west on Broadway to the Presidio area. This district is also one of the smallest geographically, but also known for being the most densely populated with senior citizen residents, hotels, public housing and huge apartment buildings. It is a favorite area for celebrations, cultural events and street fairs.

Southern Police Station
850 Bryant St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
Non-emergency: (415) 553-0123
(415) 474-5763 TDD/TTY

The Southern Station is located inside the Hall of Justice and is the home of the Bryant Street jail as well as the headquarters for SFPD. Areas include the Ferry Building, which extends south from Market Street to 16th Street, and then east to the Bay, as well as Embarcadero and China Basin. You can find the home of the San Francisco Giants in this area, as well as a thriving nightlife scene and residential development.

Tenderloin Police Station
301 Eddy St.
San Francisco, CA 94102
Non-emergency: (415) 553-0123
(415) 474-5763 TDD/TTY

The Tenderloin Station is the smallest of the ten SFPD stations and is surrounded by Geary, Market and Larkin streets. It serves the downtown San Francisco area.

Goldengate Division

Bayview Police Station
201 Williams St.
San Francisco, CA 94124
Non-emergency: (415) 553-0123
(415) 671-2346 TDD/TTY

Potrero Hill and Bayview cities are a couple of the largest areas in which the Bayview Police Station serves. Geographically it covers the city’s southeastern areas to the eastern part of McClaren Park, which is Cambridge Street. It extends out to the Bay and south from Channel Street to the San Mateo County line. This particular area is home to the Monster Park and the San Francisco 49ers.

Ingleside Police Station
1 John V. Young Lane
San Francisco, CA 94112
Non-emergency: (415) 553-0123
(415) 404-4009 TDD/TTY

The Ingleside Station serves a part of San Francisco in the south area of Cesar Chavez Street over to San Mateo County line, and then that area west from Highway 101 to Faxon Avenue.

The Ingleside Station serves the following neighborhoods:
Sherwood Forest, Mt. Davidson, Westwood Park, Miraloma Park, Glen Park-Sunnyside, Diamond Heights, Bernal Heights, Upper Noe, Mission Corridor, the Excelsior and St. Francis Wood, New Mission Terrace, Crocker Amazon, St. Mary’s Park, Silver Terrace, Portola, Sunnydale, Visitacion Valley, Precita Park, Cayuga, Outer Mission, and Holly Park. San Francisco City College is located in this district also.

Park Police Station
1899 Waller Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
Non-emergency: (415) 553-0123

(415) 681-6487 TDD/TTY

The Park Police Station is responsible for the areas bordered by by Geary Boulevard, Steiner, Market, Upper Market, 7th Avenue and the enormous east end of Golden Gate Park. Also included are the communities of Cole Valley, Haight Street, the Western Addition, Twin Peaks, Duboce and Castro.

Richmond Police Station
461 – 6th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94118
Non-emergency: (415) 553-0123
(415) 666-8059 TDD/TTY

The Richmond Stations district is primarily residential. It serves the northwest corner of San Francisco and includes the shopping areas, restaurants and the long commercial area of Geary Boulevard and Clement Street. Also included in this area are Golden Gate Park, the Golden Gate National recreation Area and the University of San Francisco campus.

Taraval Police Station
2345 – 24th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94116
Non-emergency: (415) 553-0123
(415) 351-2924 TDD/TTY

The Taraval Station serves the western part of San Francisco. That area includes west of Twin Peaks over to the Pacific Ocean, and then south to the County line, north to Lincoln Way. This particular area consists of a large residential complex, several schools, both public and private, the San Francisco State University, as well as the San Francisco Zoo, along with many shopping areas.

The Taraval Station serves the following neighborhoods: Inner Sunset, Outer Sunset, Parkside, Golden Gate Heights, Balboa Terrace, Ingleside Terrace, Monterey Heights, St. Francis Wood, Ingleside, Oceanview, West Portal, Lakeshore Acres, Country Club, Merced Manor, Park Merced, Edgehill, Laguna Honda, Lakeside, Merced Extension, Mount Davidson Manor and Sunset Heights.

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