Bail Bonds for Desert Hot Springs

Chances are if you’ve come to my website, it’s probably because you know someone who has been arrested by the Desert Hot Springs Police Department. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Tonya Page Bail Bonds comes highly recommended by our past clients and attorneys from around the state. If you have a loved one or friend in jail in the Desert Hot Springs area, contact us today to begin the bail bond process and we’ll happily assist you with all your questions: 1-877-861-3761.

How Bail is Set

In California, bail is set annually county to county according to the severity and the circumstance of the crime said to have been committed. This varies as each criminal charge may entail different situations. Generally, in California bail will cost approximately $25,000. The bail bond fee is currently set at a 10% rate. Thus, if the bail amount is $25,000, the bail bond will cost $2,500, when using a bail bondsman.

If you choose not to use a bail bondsman, then you will need to take the entire bail amount in cash or cashier’s check to the jail or court.  In the event that you do use a bail bondsman, it’s important to know that if they are offering a discounted, or even a higher rate than the set 10%, this is highly unethical and furthermore, illegal.

Desert Hot Springs Police Department Information

Desert Hot Springs PD
65-950 Pierson Blvd.
Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240
(Located next to City Hall)
Phone: 760-329-6411

The Desert Hot Springs Police Department has 45 employees, which includes 34 sworn officers. They are responsible for providing police services to a community of approximately 20,000 people and have contracted dispatching services for Cathedral City. The department also participate in several different task forces such as the Valley Motor Enforcement Team, Coachella Valley Narcotics Task Force, Coachella Valley Violent Crime and Gang Task Force.   

For bail bonds at the Desert Hot Springs Police Department and surrounding areas, call toll free at 1-877-861-3761. You are only a phone call away from securely establishing release from jail.


Updated: 02/28/2014