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If someone you care about has been arrested and jailed by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, let a professional bail bondsman help you. We understand the jail system in Riverside County and have years of experience posting bail for our clients. Call 24/7 for Riverside bail bonds service at 1-877-861-3761.

The Bail Process

If you’re simply in need of the bail amount, jail location or booking information, we can help.

When you call us, we may ask for information such as the inmates complete name, date of birth and when they were arrested. This will help us begin the bail process. Our professional agents will take the time to explain the bail bond application process to you. We offer an easy to understand application which can be handled quickly by email or fax in just a few short minutes. See our frequently asked bail questions (FAQs) page for additional bail bond information.

Booking and Release Information

It can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours for the jail to process, photograph, fingerprint and ultimately, “book” an inmate into the system. While the jail will not take a bond until the inmate is booked, we can start the bail process right away. Most bonds can be posted at Riverside County jails 24 hours a day.

With our diverse network of agents, it’s quick and easy to have a bond posted at any jail. We can have a licensed bondsman meet with you directly at your home, work or the jail within 30 minutes. Alternatively, we can process most bonds by email or fax. It’s all up to you.

Fees & Payment Options

Bail bonds in Riverside County, as well in all of California generally cost a fee of 10%. This is a non-refundable percentage which is calculated from the total amount of the bail. For example, if the bail amount is set at $15,000, the fee will be $1,500. Our company never charges additional finance charges, extra fees or taxes for a bail bond. You will always know exactly how much you’re paying up-front.

As a convenience to our clients, we offer several bail bond payment options. We accept cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as payment. Most of our clients like the convenience of using their credit card which is the fastest way of obtaining a bail bond.

What Happens if the Defendant Fails To Appear?

If for some reason, should the defendant miss their appearance in court, we will make a phone call to both the bail bond signer (indemnitor) and the defendant. If there was a mix up, or miscommunication regarding the date, if the defendant was ill or held up in traffic, etc., our company can make arrangements with the court to establish a new court date. Typically, this can be cleared up with just a phone call.

Riverside County Sheriff and Jails

Riverside Sheriff's Department Location

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
4095 Lemon Street
Riverside, CA 92501

In addition to the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, there are several police stations and jails located within the boundaries of Riverside County. We provide bail service to all of them. If you need specific information, you may call to speak with a licensed bondsman 24 hours a day at 1-877-861-3761.

We can provide you additional arrest and bail information for the following Riverside County Jails:

  • Robert Presley Detention Center
  • Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility
  • Blythe Jail
  • Indio Jail
  • Riverside County Jail
  • Southwest Detention Center

Trusted Resource

When you’re in search for bail bonds in Riverside County with reliability and integrity, look no further.  Let us be your first choice for any Riverside County jail and surrounding area bail bonds. Our friendly, licensed agents are adept at handling all California jails and will work with you. When you’re ready to post a bail bond, call us 24/7 at toll-free, 1-877-861-3761.

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Updated: 01/24/2011