Responsibilities When You Co-Sign Bail Bonds For A Friend

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Responsibilities When You Co-Sign Bail Bonds For A Friend

No one ever thinks a friend or roommate will find themselves on the wrong side of the law.  If you have received a call indicating this has happened, you will want to do your best to help out.

Not everyone is in a position to help a friend out financially.  For those who can, you will want to know that helping this person be released from custody is doing more than getting them out of jail.  You are helping them to return to the work or schooling, to their family and friends, and allowing them a better opportunity to consult with an attorney to prepare their case.

The bail bonds agreement form is a lot less complicated than you might think.  The basis of the document is that you are taking responsibility your friend will go to court when they are supposed to.  You are also taking responsibility for paying the bondsman’s fee.  Some companies will require you post collateral.  Others work mostly with no collateral bail bonds.  If you are required to post an item of value to secure the bond that item is required by law to be returned to you at the end of your friend’s case.  You will want to be sure to hire a bondsman who you feel is best able to help based on your situation and needs.

Again, the most important thing to remember about bailing someone out of jail is that the defendant still needs to go to court.  If they miss an appearance due to illness, running late or simply forgetting, do not worry.  This can be resolved easily by placing a quick call to the bondsman.  The only time you’ll run into trouble is if they willfully try to flee and cannot be located within 180 days.  If that is the case the collateral will be considered forfeited and you will likely face additional fines and penalties.

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