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Glen Stewart Godwin

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Birth Dates Used:  July 26, 1958

Place of Birth:  Miami, FL

Hair:  Black / Salt & Pepper

Eyes:  Green

Height:  6′ 0″

Weight:  200 lbs. – Medium Build

Race:  Caucasian

Occupation:  Construction, Mechanic, Self-Employed tool supplier.

Additional:  Godwin is thought to be involved in the distribution of narcotics.  He is fluent in Spanish and could be traveling through Mexico, South America, and Central America.

Aliases:  Miguel Carrera, Michael Carrera, Michael Carmen, Glen S. Godwin, Glen Godwin, Dennis H. McWilliams, Dennis Harold McWilliams.

Wanted For

  • Murder
  • Escape
  • Unlawful Flight to Avoid Confinement

The Story

In 1987, Glen Stewart Godwin escaped from the Folsom State Prison located in California where he was serving his sentence for murder.  Later that year he was arrested in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for drug trafficking. 

He was convicted and sentenced to prison in Guadalajara.  During this time in April of 1991 he murdered an inmate and 5 months later he escaped. 

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There is a reward up to $100,000 being offered by the FBI for any information leading to the direct arrest of Glen Stewart Godwin.


Last Updated:  08/13/2013