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America’s Most Wanted

The FBI’s Most Wanted Criminals. There’s something curious, even fascinating to us about who, what, why, where and when.

Tonya Page Bail Bonds brings you information about America’s Most Wanted

  • Jason Derek Brown: The Golden Boy – Living life on top of the world yet getting away with murder and armed robbery.  This is definitely not someone you want to bring home to mom.    
  • Robert William Fisher:  Perhaps the definition of a Bad Dad. Certainly, a heart-breaking story for the family he allegedly murdered.
  • Alexis Flores:  It was a horrific shock to a neighborhood to learn that the gruesome finds of a missing child lead to the An Unsuspected Killer
  • Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara:   Horror in the Home leaves this criminal fleeing justice.  The devastating murder of a young boys mom.
  •  Victor Manuel Gerena:  Mr. Average takes a wrong turn leading him to a $7 million heist. 
  • Glen Stewart Godwin:  Sentenced for murder leads this fugitive to a Shawshank-Style Escape from prison. 
  • Theodore John Kaczinsky:  A genius mathematician, turned homegrown terrorist, later  known as the Unibomber began his bombing spree in 1978. This homegrown terrorist is now serving four life sentences.
  • Semion Mogilevich: The Billion Dollar Brainy Don – move over John Gotti, Al Capone, and Jimmy Hoffa. Seva’s got you all topped with Fraud, Conspiracy and Ponzi.
  • Oscar Moriel:  Once a twice convicted violent felon, now a snitch and informant.  His whereabouts remain a mystery.
  • Eduardo Ravelo:  Both sides of the border on the watch for The Face of Terror.  Wanted for drug trafficking, smuggling illegal immigrants, murder- just to name a few.
  • James Earl Ray:  Known for the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Learn more about his story and criminal career leading up to the assassination.
    • Danny Andreas San Diego:  This vegan dieter and animal rights activist is America’s own Home Grown Terrorist– responsible for several bombings in San Francisco area of California.
    • Fidel Urbina: The trusted person that women thought him to be sadly ends up in horrific murder – Eye opening for stranded women.


    Updated: 06/27/2014