Finding A Reputable Bail Bondsman

Getting a phone call from a friend or family member in the middle of the night informing you that they have been arrested can cause a lot of stress. It is easy to get angry as soon as you get this kind of news, but it is important to remember to stay calm! Your loved one is already feeling very low about this situation that he/she is in, so adding to that with extra negativity does not help anyone.

The important thing is to get them released from jail as quickly as possible. If the bail that has been set for them is too much for you to afford, then seeking the help of a licensed professional bail bond agent is your best option.

A good bondsman has the knowledge and reputation that are necessary to move the process along quickly. He or she will be well-known by the courts and law enforcement officers as a professional. Finding the right licensed bail bond agent can help make the release process go smoothly.

To decide if a bail agent is the right choice, you need to look at several factors:

Check to make sure the agent is licensed with your state.

Every state that allows commercial bail businesses requires agents to be licensed through the state Department of Insurance. These departments set the bail bond premiums, the amount a bondsman can charge clients for their services. When you contact bail bond agents, ask them if they are licensed and verify by looking at a copy of their license. You can also contact the Department of Insurance directly to find out if an agent is verified. Agents have to carry their information with them to be seen by a Commissioner.

Inquire with the local Better Business Bureau about the agent.

You can usually get a good bit of information about a bail bond agent through your local Better Business Bureau. They are given a rating of A through F and any complaints are also available for you to view. This gives you a deeper look into the agency’s history and you can see how past clients felt about their experience. Ask the bail bondsman if they have been rated with the BBB and what grade they were given. You will want to verify this yourself as well.

Know what their process is for getting someone out of jail.

Each bail bond agent has his or her own process for getting defendants released from jail. Ask for them to explain their own process to you in detail so that you will know what to expect. A good agent will be able to give a thorough explanation about the steps that need to be taken and will also take the time to answer any questions you have about the bail process. They will also walk you through all of the paperwork before you sign and explain your responsibilities as a cosigner of the bail bond contract.

Finding the best bail bondsman will mean a smoother process for getting your loved one released from jail quickly. Do a little research before deciding to work with someone and you will find an agent that you can trust.


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Published:  04/11/2013