Help Getting Out of Jail in Santa Ana

Do you know of someone who has been arrested in Santa Ana and you’re in search of a legitimate and professional bail bondsman? Just knowing there is assistance for you in this trying time should provide some comfort. There are numerous bail bonds companies available and willing to help; however, you need to know the process and specific questions to ask a Santa Ana bail bondsman.

Securing a bail bond by using a Santa Ana bail bonds company is realistic and attainable. Below are some facts about the bail bond process.

Arrested In Santa Ana

In Santa Ana, an individual may be arrested by the Santa Ana Police Department or by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Those arrested by the Santa Ana PD will be taken to the Santa Ana Police station briefly for booking, but will quickly be escorted across the street to the Orange County Jail via underground tunnel. The Santa Ana Police Department Jail is not used for local arrestees, rather it is leased to the State of California Department of Corrections.

At the Orange County Jail, known as the Orange County Main Jail Complex (OCJ), booking and processing will take place.

It is helpful to know that is common for the Orange County Jail to take 12 hours or more for processing in defendants. Whenever possible, it is better to bail someone out of the Santa Ana Police Department directly. To do this, you will need to contact a Santa Ana bail bondsman immediately.

Bail Bonds in Santa Ana

The bail bonds process may be confusing and can be quite expensive. A professional Santa Ana bail bondsman can make the entire bail process go smoothly for you. Securing a Santa Ana bail bond is an alternative to paying the full bail amount on your own. If you do decide to pay the full bail amount, the money will be returned after the case is closed. However, this amount is usually an unrealistic amount to come up with on your own and can be quite a financial strain. With a bail bond company, you won’t have to put up so much money at one time.

Bail bonds are similar to checks, as they aren’t cashed fully unless needed. A bail bond is “cashed in” if the defendant doesn’t show up to their scheduled court dates and cannot be located.

In the event that you do hire a bail bonds company, there is a 10% fee charged to use the service. This 10% fee is non-returnable and non-negotiable. However, hiring a Santa Ana bail bond company and paying the 10% fee is usually more feasible than paying the entire bail amount, which in Santa Ana may range from $10,000 to in excess of a million dollars, depending on the alleged crime.

Most Santa Ana bail bond companies can post bail at a variety of locations such as the police department, sheriff’s department, jail or court. Typically, if the company offers an availability of 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, even during holidays and on weekends, this should speak volumes about their company and you might want to consider them further.

Depending on the company you are seeking, some may require collateral to secure the bail bond. You should ask about this upfront. Collateral comes in different forms such as real estate, stocks, bonds, jewelry and other items of substantial value. When collateral is used, it is returned as long as the defendant shows up to their court dates, but if they don’t, the collateral and the bail will all be forfeited to the court. Most of our Santa Ana bail bonds are done with no collatera.

If you need help with Santa Ana bail bond or to ask questions, please call 1-877-861-3761 now to get the help you need immediately.



Updated: 01/05/2011