Alternative for Getting Out of Jail in Santa Ana

If you live in Santa Ana, or if you are visiting the area and happen to find yourself, a friend or loved one in the grasps of the law, you might need the assistance of a bail bondsman. If so, the first thing you need to do is locate a trusted Santa Ana bail bond company to help you out of this mess.

The biggest challenge you face when you’re trying to get out of jail, or help someone else get out of jail, is getting enough money together to post the bail for their release.  It can be terribly expensive and this is why hiring a Santa Ana Bail Bond company will help you. Not only can they help with the high cost, they can help explain the jail, court and bail bond systems and get you or your loved one out of jail quickly.

Bail bonds are similar to a deposit, such as a rental damage deposit, which helps to cover a small portion of the overall damage. Bail bonds are used in order to pay a smaller portion of the overall bail setting, which is typically an unrealistic price for the average person.  Overall, bail bonds can help free you from a much greater financial obligation.

However, bail bond companies in Santa Ana, as well as throughout the United States, charge a fee to use their service. Currently, in Santa Ana and the rest of California, the bail bond fee is 10% of the overall bail setting. This amount is non-negotiable and should not exceed or go below the mandated 10%. The fee will not be returned and is payment for using the services of the Santa Ana bail bond company. However, it seems to be a much more realistic option instead of posting the entire bail at the jail.

Typically, Santa Ana bail agents may post bail at any police department, sheriff department, jail or court. More information will be provided when you contact a Santa Ana bail bond company. Also, some Santa Ana bail bond companies may offer 24-hour, 7-days a week service. It is our suggestions that you inquire about these hours and hire a bail bond company who provides easy access to their bail bondsmen. 

Some Santa Ana bail bond companies may require that you provide collateral in order to secure the bail bond. Not all companies require this but you should be aware of it up front. Collateral can come in many different forms such as real estate, bonds, stocks, jewelry and other highly valuable possessions. In the event that the defendant does not show up to his or her court dates as scheduled, the bail, as well as the collateral will be forfeited to the court. An excellent Santa Ana bail bond company will provide extremely detailed information about these situations and obligations so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

If you need help getting out of jail or getting someone else out of jail, contact a Santa Ana bail bond company for immediate help. During this stressful time, it is crucial to choose an ethical and legal bail bond company as your trusted resource.  

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Updated: 01/05/2011