Santa Ana Bail Bondsman

Likely, you are visiting this webpage because you are looking for a Santa Ana bail bondsman. I am very familiar with the Santa Ana jail system and I will be able to help you during this difficult time. You may call us for specific information or service 24 hours a day at 1-877-861-3761.

I will take you through each step so you will know how the bond process works and what your bond indemnitor responsibilities are. This is important to understand before deciding to bail someone out of jail.

The bond process can be handle over the phone within a few minutes. To process the bond paperwork and payment, I can meet you at the jail or often we can take care of the process utilizing email and fax. If you prefer to talk directly with a licensed bondsman, please call for specific Santa Ana bail bond information and service.

The Santa Ana Jail

The Central Jail Complex, also referred to as the Santa Ana Jail, is located next to the Sheriff’s Headquarters building in Santa Ana at 550 N Flower Street. It is comprised of three separate jail facilities: the men’s jail, the women’s jail and the Intake and Release facility. Bonds are posted at the Central Jail Complex.

In Orange County, when someone is arrested, they are taken to a jail in the jurisdiction of arrest. Generally, this will be a small, local jail. Often, the other Orange County Jails will transfer arrestees to the Central Jail Complex in Santa Ana. Alternatively, an arrestee may be brought directly to the Santa Ana jail. After booking and processing, bail can be arranged at the Central Jail Complex.

Because the Santa Ana jail is so large, it requires much longer to release than the County’s smaller jails. I have seen it take more than 12 hours for the release of an inmate after the bail bond is filed. Unfortunately, Santa Ana jail bail bonds can result in the slowest jail release time in the County. The Sheriff’s Department indicates that charges and bail bond information will usually be available two to three hours after booking. The Department states that average release time after bail bonds have been posted is “approximately 4 hours, but could be as little as 2, or as much as 6 hours.” As a professional Santa Ana bail bondsman, I will do my best to get the detainee released as quickly as possible.

Please call Tonya Page, a Santa Ana bail bondsman at any time for information or service: 1-877-861-3761.




Updated: 08/10/2010