Orange County Bail Bond Assistance

If you live, or happen to be visiting Orange County, and end up finding yourself in some legal trouble and getting arrested, your situation might call for posting bail. If so, you are probably in need of an expert Orange County Bail Bond Company.

This bail bond process might begin with a phone call from jail from a friend or loved one who needs assistance getting released. Typically, the hardest task to complete is posting an entire bail amount on your own, as it is usually very expensive. Furthermore, the jail, court and legal systems can be quite foreign to those who haven’t dealt with this situation before. Therefore, an excellent Orange County bail bondsman is exactly what you need.

Hiring a bail bondsman can be less expensive and much easier when dealing with this type situation.

Bail bonds are very much like an un-cashed check, unless of course, the defendant doesn’t show up to court as promised. Hiring an Orange County bail bondsman is an alternative and much more affordable way to pay for a bail bond, rather than paying the full bail amount. Even though the bail is returned, as long as the defendant meets their obligations, it’s usually a very high amount.

However, when hiring an Orange County bail bondsman, a fee is required. Currently, that fee is 10% of the overall bail and is not returned. This rate is non-negotiable and set by the California Department of Insurance. Even though this fee isn’t returnable, in exchange for the bail bondsman’s service, it is much more realistic than paying the entire bail amount.

Some bail bondsmen are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to post bail bonds. Additionally, some bondsmen may be able to post bail bonds at a variety of places such as the jail, court, police and sheriff’s departments. Depending on your specific situation and the type of bail bond you need, this should help guide you to locating the right Orange County bail bond company.

In addition, there are times that bail bond companies will need some sort of collateral. Collateral helps to further ensure that the defendant will show up to court, and in the event that they don’t, the collateral will be given to the court which ultimately pays for the bond. On the other hand, if the defendant does meet all of their obligations, the collateral will be returned upon the closing of the case.

When you need help getting out of an Orange County Jail, consider the help a bail bondsman can provide. They can turn a complicated situation into a much easier and less stressful situation.

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Updated: 12/15/2010