How Bail Works in Orange County

The Purpose of Bail

Bail bonds companies serve the purpose of helping defendants get out of jail until their court date, which allows them to continue with their daily lives without too much interference from a dreaded situation.

Bail bond companies provide a secure and effective release from the Orange County jail system to those who are allowed to post bail. More importantly, when the bail is set at a fairly high rate for a defendant, Orange County bail bonds companies can ease the financial stress that this situation might cause.

Bail Basics

In Orange County, bail bonds companies charge a 10% fee of the overall bail amount. This fee is generally payable in advance and is non-refundable.

Throughout the OC, there are a number of different bondsmen ready and willing to provide release from jail. However, there are only a few with excellent experience, expertise, and professionalism. Additionally, different bail bonds companies in Orange County offer different services, some of which may or not be beneficial to you, depending on your situation.

Some Orange County bail bonds companies may demand certain requirements in order to use their services, while others may require different and additional costs. This is why it is critical to find a bondsman who will suit your needs, and more importantly, a company who represents as an ethical and legal service.

What to Look For In a Bondsman

The first step, and a critical factor in your decision, is determining if the Orange County bail bonds company is licensed to perform this type of business. If they aren’t licensed, don’t do business with them. In California, bondsmen are required to display their license number on all advertising. A license and good standing within the California Department of Insurance is imperative for them to provide you with the right guidance.

Not only do they need to be licensed, they must have the experience in order to release the defendant from jail in an effective and timely manner. An Orange County bail bondsman with experience will be able to conduct all the paperwork quickly, and provide a close estimate to how long processing may take. If you want this process to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible, a licensed and experienced bondsman is crucial.

Bail amounts in Orange County are some of the highest in the country. When inquiring about a variety of Orange County bail bonds companies, you should ask about the types of bail payment options they accept, as well as if they offer financing options. Bail bonds can be expensive, depending on how much the bail amount is, and can add a financial strain to most people. However, some bail bonds company will offer different methods of payment and financing.

Expert Bail In Orange County

Obtaining a great bail bonds company can be quite challenging, however, it’s not impossible. It is suggested that you do some research and ask questions prior to hiring an Orange County bail bond company. The situation you are in is critical; therefore, it’s imperative you get the right  bondsman who offers ethical, professional and efficient assistance.

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Updated: 02/22/2011