Finding the Best Orange County Bail Bonds

There are various reasons why someone you know might have ended up in a position to need a bail bond. Fortunately, Orange County has several different bail bond companies for you to use. If you need an Orange County bail bond, there are several things to consider before hiring one so that you can get the best service available and ensure your friend or loved one is released in a timely manner.

When someone is arrested, it can be very abrupt, certainly unexpected and even spontaneous. For instance, a person with a few unpaid parking tickets could get pulled over and taken to jail.

With that in mind, it’s important to know that bail bond companies can work in different areas and specialize in different fields. Some companies may have more experience with the police department while others have more experience in dealing with the Sheriff’s department. Depending on your specific needs, research and study those who offer exactly what you need and make a selection based partly on those reasons.  You will also need to take into consideration the fact that some smaller Orange County bail bond companies may not offer some of the conveniences a larger or more established bail bond company may offer.

During this time, your biggest concern is probably just getting out of jail to continue on with your daily life. However, if you want the whole process to run smoothly, you have to do your research and not hire the first bail bond company you see. Just because a bail bond company advertises, doesn’t mean they do a great job.

Take time to research and learn about the company you are interested in hiring. What sort of customer service rating do they have? Are they a licensed and reputable company? What types of payments do they accept? Are they available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week? Do they have excellent references? All of these are just a few things to consider when getting your friend or loved one released from an Orange County jail in a legal and ethical manner.

In addition and very important, is to ask the bail bond company what rate they charge for using their services. In California, the current rate is 10% of the overall bail fee setting. This fee should not increase or decrease as it is regulated by the law. Furthermore, you should inquire about what types of payment options the Orange County bail bond company offers, if any. If you can’t afford the entire bail bond at once, knowing that they offer payment options or financing may be just what you’re looking for. Also, you might need to know if they accept cash, checks or credit cards.

Will you need collateral to secure the bail bond? Some companies may require you to have some sort of collateral, while others may not require it at all. Collateral comes in the form of real estate, jewelry, stocks, bonds and other valuable possessions.

When looking for a bail bond company in Orange County, making sure you get the best one suitable to your urgent needs is important so the process can go quickly and smoothly. You don’t want something you might have ignored to come back and rare its ugly head later and possibly with other legal ramifications.  

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Updated: 12/24/2010