Orange County Jail

Central Jail Complex – OCJ

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Orange County Jail Information

Orange County JailOrange County Sheriff’s Department

Central Jail Complex (OCJ)

550 N. Flower Street
Santa Ana, CA 92702
Phone: 714-647-4666

The Orange County Jail facility is located right next to the Sheriff’s Department Headquarters building. The jail itself is composed of three overall buildings: the Women’s Jail, the Men’s Jail and the Intake Release Center (IRC). This entire facility can house approximately 2,664 inmates at one time.

The Women’s Jail and the Men’s Central jail is a traditional style jail that includes cell blocks and a dormitory style facility. That jail opened its doors in 1968.The Women’s Jail closed recently and women are housed at IRC. Orange County hopes to use the space formerly the Women’s Jail to rent space for Federal Prisoners – a way of raising revenue.

In order to ease the overcrowding issues, as well as to facilitate a more prompt and accurate booking and release process, the Orange County Sheriff opened the doors of a new structure in 1988. This building is known as the “IRC” or Intake Release Center.

Interestingly, over 20 years later, the Orange County Jail booking and release process is exceedingly long: 4-6 hours for booking and 6-12 hours for release is common. With the numbers as large as these, it is important to get started on the bail bond process right away.

To the credit of OCJ, they are one of the few county jails who will take a bond even when full processing has not taken place. The deputies will often expedite booking for those that will be released on bail.

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Orange County Arresting and Booking Process

When someone is arrested by police officers in Orange County, they will be taken to a local jail facility for booking and processing. Small local jails often do not hold defendants long. Instead, they are transferred to OCJ in Santa Ana. Women are often taken directly to OCJ as smaller, local jails do not always have facilities or female jailers on duty to process women who are arrested.

Once they’ve been taken to the Orange County Central Jail, eventually they will be allowed to make a phone call. If you received their phone call, you should call us immediately, as the release process can take a considerate amount of time. However, on our end, we can provide you with a quick bail bond process; these can be completed in a matter of minutes.

We understand this is a lot to process, but you are welcome to call us and we’ll explain everything in detail.  Call for immediate help with bail bonds at the Orange County Central Jail Complex at 1-877-861-3761 or 714-262-4493.




Updated: 04/05/2012