Bail Bonds in Aliso Viejo

If you know of someone who needs release from jail right now, first, we feel your pain and understand the dire situation you are in.  You can relax; you are in the hands of professional, licensed and very competent bail bondsman with an impeccable industry service for decades.   

I urge you to call us immediately for assistance with Aliso Viejo bail bonds.  We’ll go through a short series of questions and give you all the answers you need to help you understand all that is involved in a bail bond.

Tonya Page Bail Bonds is able to process everything over the phone, by fax, or email.  Once we have the application completed and bail bond approval, we’ll dispatch a licensed bondsman to the jail or sheriff’s department to post bond.

Our phone number for immediate assistance in Aliso Viejo is 1-877-861-3761 (1-877-861-3761).

Aliso Viejo Police and Arrest Information

Aliso Viejo Police Services
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
(949) 425-2561


Aliso Viejo is a small community that sits on seven square miles and patrolled by police officers 24 hours a day, ensuring the safety of its residents.  With jobs, housing, transportation, recreational activities, parks, trails, cultural events, and youth sports programs, no wonder it is a balanced community with satisfied residents.  

Orange County Sheriff’s Department provides police services for the Aliso Viejo police department which covers 45,000 residents.  They are fully staffed with patrol deputies, community services officers, investigators, crime prevention specialist, emergency management program coordinator, special enforcement team, surveillance team, crossing guards, and other support services.

Those arrested in Aliso Viejo will be taken to one of the Orange County Jails, usually the Orange County Central Jail Complex.

Do You Qualify for a Bail Bond?

We’ll ask a series of questions to determine the risk involved and try to conduct the bond without collateral. At Tonya Page Bail Bonds, we are able to write most bonds without any collateral. We will need information about the defendant and the person guaranteeing the bond, which is called the indemnitor.  Some of the questions we’ll need to ask:  What type of crime were they arrested on? How long have they been a part of the community?  How long have they been at their current place of employment?  If you don’t know all the answers, don’t worry. We can still help.
We also understand that your background may not be perfect, so don’t let that discourage you.  We are just trying to ensure that the individuals involved in this bond process are able to show up for their court date, and have the means to arrange payment should the defendant skip bail and cannot be found.

We understand this is a lot to process, but you are welcome to call us and we’ll explain everything in detail.  Call for immediate bail bonds service at 1-877-861-3761.




Updated: 08/07/2012