Ventura Sheriff’s Department Finds Unique Use For Body Cameras

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Sources within the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department say they’re using on-body cameras to do more than make sure deputies and citizens are behaving themselves when they interact.

Higher-ups say they’ve recently begun using the devices to help collect video evidence at crime scenes.

Some models affix to sunglasses, which allow deputies to film what they are looking at.  Others are attached to the front of an uniform shirt; these tend to have a larger recording-pane and are said to provide high-quality video.

A spokesperson said the on-body cameras work well in all sorts of situations including late night, low-light interactions.  Deputies say the videos are especially helpful because in some cases, the recordings allow them to see things after-the-fact that they didn’t pick up on during the initial stop.

All the video gets uploaded to the sheriff’s department website immediately; when it’s downloaded they can be labeled for ease of filing.

Deputies say they haven’t had any problems with the body cameras and feel it’s a great tool to have.  While some say there is always a learning curve that comes with using new equipment,  they agree that having them will be a great help moving forward.

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