Todd Road Jail Mental Health Unit To Get Additional Funding

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The Todd Road Jail is set to receive additional state funding to help construct a 64-bed mental health unit; the full anticipated cost is estimated at about $61 million, according to a recent report by

A partial award of more than $25 million was granted to Ventura County last year.  The remaining $29 million has since been approved, the report notes, as San Francisco County did not want to use their grant money for new jail construction.  Those wishes went directly against what the state grant funding was supposed to be used for, which means the SF County funds have been relinquished.

The Todd Road Jail currently has more than $55 million in state funding that will be used to offset construction; the remaining $6 million will come from the county.

Construction is expected to begin in about 18 months.

Original article:  State authorizes remaining funding for Todd Road Jail mental health unit

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