Simi Valley Police Warning: ‘Tis The Season For IRS Scams

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Con-artists seem to have a bottomless bag of tricks—now that tax season is finally upon us, many of them are turning to IRS scams.

This, according to a recent report by the Ventura County Star, is why the Simi Valley Police Department is warning residents about these types of cons.

In most cases they start out like this: a man or woman will contact you by phone to say they work for the Internal Revenue Service and they’re calling because you owe them a large sum of money. Unless you pay up immediately, they say (via pre-paid debit card or wire transfer) your driver’s license and/or business license will be suspended.

Some threaten that unless the balance is taken care of right away, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Police, and the IRS, want people to know that the Internal Revenue Service does not contact people by email, text or social media. They’re also pointing out that any person who calls saying you need to pay a large sum of money by “pre-paid debit card or wire transfer” should be a big red flag.

If you get an email that directs you to click on a website link, be cautious. This is likely a phishing website that’s been set up as a means of stealing your personal information.

Original article: Simi Valley police warn of latest IRS scam

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