K9 Dogs Are Not Publicly Funded But Worth Every Cent

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Sources at the Ventua Sheriff’s Department will be the first ones to admit that purchasing, training and caring for a police K9 isn’t cheap.

The cost of a police dog often spans between $7,000 and $10,000, they said, and that doesn’t include the $5,000 that needs to be spent to make a squad car dog-friendly and the $25,000 a law enforcement agency needs to spend to ensure the pup is ready to join the force.

The total expense generally runs about $100,000 for each career dog they bring on.

Police dogs and their handlers attend ongoing training sessions; most of those take place on a weekly basis.

Throughout the course of their career, the K9s become experts at tracking suspects, sniffing out explosives or drugs and in locating deceased persons.  They can also help find missing children and the elderly.

Dogs can perform these tasks in minutes, sources said.  Humans take far longer.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department said they’ll be holding a benefit during the first week of May where people can come out and see their K9s in action.  The dogs will perform tricks and demonstrations, and those who do come will be treated to buffet-style dinner.

Tickets will be available online and at the door, they said.  All proceeds will benefit the sheriff’s department.

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