Grandparents Hit With Bail Bonds Scam

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Sources within the Moorpark Police Department have confirmed they’re getting complaints about the newest phone scam that’s targeting the elderly.

The con artists call their unsuspecting victims and pretend to be one of their grandchildren; they say they’ve been arrested and ask for help with bail money.  One local resident said she lost roughly $2,400 after she received a call from someone pretending to be her grandson. He claimed he had been jailed in the Dominican Republic and needed cash to get out of jail and get home.

Police say the key to these scams is an urgency to send the money fast.  This, according to the Moorpark Acorn, prevents the victim from having a chance to ask questions.

Representatives from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department said the grandparent bail bonds scam has been going on for many years and the con artists are getting more and more savvy.  Today they’re starting to use social media to determine who their victim’s relatives are and what parts of the country they may be living in.

Anyone who thinks they may have received this type of call is asked to call the authorities immediately.  The cons tend to take place in the early morning or late at night, investigators said, because people aren’t thinking as clearly as they would be in the middle of the day.