Camarillo Police Station employee celebrates 80th birthday

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Longtime local resident and Camarillo Police Station employee has celebrated an important milestone; she celebrated her 80th birthday earlier this week.

More than 65 of her coworkers joined her at a Los Angeles Angles game to commemorate the day, according to a report by the Camarillo Acorn; their attendance was quite the surprise.

Jae McNay thought it was going to be a quiet afternoon outing with her family—she never expected to be tapped on the shoulder by a sheriff’s deputy from her workplace. When she turned around she saw more than five dozen of her colleagues holding a very big sign.

McNay said she was as surprised as she was toughed.

Her tenure at the Camarillo Police Department began 10 years ago when she started out as a volunteer but she was quickly converted to being a paid employee within a year.   She told the Acorn she loves everything about her job because she works with such wonderful people.

Her supervisor describes her as being enthusiastic and reliable and says she’s an asset to the station. McNay’s love of her job really shines through, he said, and all of that is why so many coworkers came together to surprise her for her birthday.

Her family was in on the secret, they said, and despite it being very hard to keep their lips zipped, everyone feels it was well worth the wait.