Barbershop Employees Busted For Selling More Than Haircuts

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Two Camarillo men found themselves in pretty hot water last weekend after authorities learned they weren’t just selling haircuts out of their friendly neighborhood barbershop.

According to a report by the Ventura County Star, members of the sheriff’s department received a tip that one 54 year-old man was peddling heroin, too.    Authorities said they were quick to act and went out and got a warrant.

When they searched the suspect outside of the storefront they found he had individually wrapped baggies of narcotics and a very, very large amount of cash on his person.  Ventura County Sheriff’s Department deputies also searched the barbershop; that uncovered even more cash, a gun and quite a bit of marijuana.

Jailers said the suspect was arrested on the spot and he currently faces a pile of felony charges including drug sales and maintaining a place for selling a controlled suspect.

Another man was also arrested, they said, and he’s facing similar charges