$1 Million Bail Bonds Set For Ventura Man Accused Of Drugs, Weapons Charges

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A Ventura man, who has been booked on suspicion of drug sales, possession of a Taser and a loaded firearm, child endangerment and destruction of evidence, has had his bail set at $1 million.

Police reports indicate he’s suspected of selling prescription narcotics, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana.

The incident unfolded during the middle part of last month, according to a report by VCSTAR.com, when officers approached an idling vehicle. When they got closer, not only did they find that the now-defendant was passed out with the engine running, there was a small child sitting in the back seat. There was also drug paraphernalia in plain sight, they said.

When officers searched the car they found large amounts of illegal drugs; a subsequent search of the mans’ home led to the discovery of additional drugs and weapons. Based on the size of this defendant’ bail and the nature of the charges, he will likely remain in custody for the duration of his case.

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