San Diego Police Department Gets New Chief

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David Nisleit has been sworn in as the newest police chief for the San Diego Police Department. Nisleit replaced now-former Chief Shelley Zimmerman, who retired on March 1st.

In an early morning ceremony, Nisleit said he’s blessed and humbled to have been selected to lead the police force for America’s Finest City. He went on to say he’s looking forward to working with community members and elected officials to make San Diego the safest, large-sized city in the US.

It seems he already has a leg up on that goal; current crime stats indicate the city is enjoying its lowest crime rates in more than two decades.

This is despite the fact that the SDPD is currently understaffed by 250 police officers. Filling those vacancies is among the new chief’s first responsibilities.

He told reporters that he’s confident that the SDPD’s new compensation and retention plan will help get the SD Police Department back up to full staffing.

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