Felony DUI Suspect Booked at Vista Jail

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A spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol has confirmed they have arrested a man who is believed to have gotten behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and struck and killed a motorcyclist.

The crash took place in late February, police said, in an unincorporated area just south of Bonsall.

According to arrest reports, the now-defendant was driving a Ford F150 truck at the time the accident took place. Witnesses say the truck veered across the road into oncoming traffic, which caused an accident with another truck. From there, the Ford veered back into the original lane, and struck a man who was riding a Harley Davidson.

The driver of the Ford was arrested and charged on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter. He was also charged with felony DUI. The suspect was booked into the Vista Jail on $100,000 bail bonds.

It’s not immediately clear if the defendant hired a Vista bail bonds agent to help get him released from custody pending trial.

Original article: Suspected DUI driver arrested after fatal crash near Vista

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