Alleged Peeping Tom Suspect Booked at Santa Rita Jail

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A spokesperson for the Alameda County Jail has confirmed that a 45-year-old Peeping Tom has been arrested and charged with misdemeanor invasion of privacy with a camcorder. The charge, which is classified as being a misdemeanor, led to the man being held on $5,000 bail bonds. Authorities say the indent happened in mid-October, adding that they were tipped off about … Read More

SDPD Officer, Inmate Injured During Crash on Interstate 15

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A spokesperson for the San Diego Police Department has confirmed that an officer, and a man who was being transported to one of the San Diego jails for booking, were hospitalized after a crash on Interstate 15. News reports indicate the crash may have been a result of a medical issue the officer had while driving. Because of that issue, … Read More