Santa Clara County Main Jail Inmates Plot Escape Over the Phone

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Two Santa Clara County Main Jail inmates who escaped from the Palo Alto Courthouse are believed to have plotted their escape over the phone.

News reports indicate the inmates, who were 46 and 47 years old, broke out of their handcuffs while they were on their way to a hearing on Nov. 6.

The detainees then got into a getaway car that was parked outside the courthouse. From there, they hopped into the back of a U-Haul van.

One of the suspects was captured two weeks later in Stockton, CA. The second escapee was captured a few days after that.

Jailers believe that one of the inmates was using a different’ inmates outbound phone dialing code to cover up calls he was making to his ex-girlfriend, who is believed to be his accomplice.

Since jail calls are reported, investigators were able to hear the full details of the escape plan.  Both escapees are now facing additional charges.

Their accomplices have also been arrested and charged with a crime.

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