$1 Million Bail Bonds Set For Ventura Man Accused Of Drugs, Weapons Charges

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A Ventura man, who has been booked on suspicion of drug sales, possession of a Taser and a loaded firearm, child endangerment and destruction of evidence, has had his bail set at $1 million. Police reports indicate he’s suspected of selling prescription narcotics, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana. The incident unfolded during the middle part of last month, according to

Camarillo Police Station employee celebrates 80th birthday

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Longtime local resident and Camarillo Police Station employee has celebrated an important milestone; she celebrated her 80th birthday earlier this week. More than 65 of her coworkers joined her at a Los Angeles Angles game to commemorate the day, according to a report by the Camarillo Acorn; their attendance was quite the surprise. Jae McNay thought it was going to … Read More

Grandparents Hit With Bail Bonds Scam

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Sources within the Moorpark Police Department have confirmed they’re getting complaints about the newest phone scam that’s targeting the elderly. The con artists call their unsuspecting victims and pretend to be one of their grandchildren; they say they’ve been arrested and ask for help with bail money.  One local resident said she lost roughly $2,400 after she received a call … Read More