Police Say ‘Secret Shopper Scam’ Is Their Latest Concern

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Law enforcement officials in Northern California are urging residents to not be duped by the county’s latest scam. This one isn’t a bail bonds scam, police said, it instead surrounds a mystery shopper offer that arrives by email, phone or in some cases a letter.  The job offers the recipient the chance to be a secret shopper at one of … Read More

Advocates Allege For-Profit Inmate Healthcare Endangers Inmates

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Inmate advocacy groups have alleged that for-profit inmate healthcare providers are bad for business, bad for inmate health and they pose a danger to the people they are supposed to serve. Corizon Health Inc. provides healthcare services for a number of jails in Northern California, including the Santa Rita Jail, the Glenn Dyer Detention Facility and others. Sources say the … Read More

Stash Of Stolen Bikes Found; Police Search For Owners

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Bike theft is a big problem throughout California; earlier this month, a man who had his taken managed to track it down on Craigslist. He gave police the address and when they arrived, not only did they find his bike, they found a stash of others as well.  Berkeley Police suspect everything had been