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Monterey County Sheriff’s Department

Monterey Sheriff’s Headquarters
1414 Natividad Rd.
Salinas, CA 93906

Phone: 831-755-5111

In Monterey County, the Sheriff’s Department serves over 100,000 residents in unincorporated areas. Its offices are divided into the Administration Bureau, Enforcement Operations Bureau, Custody Operations Bureau, and the Honor/Color Guard Unit.


The Administration Bureau handles the financial, recruiting, training, records and civil division as well as the coroner. The Honor/ Color Guard are the dedicated staff who honors law enforcement personnel, consisting of eleven deputies, and posting the colors at major events.

The Enforcement Operations Bureau is divided into the Patrol Division, Special Operations, Investigations, Narcotics, and Crime Prevention. The Patrol Division services an area of 3,325 square miles.

The Monterey Sheriff’s Department has many units working to serve and protect its citizens. A team of 13 deputies and about 25 volunteers make up the Search and Rescue team for the area, which includes both a dive unit as well as a mounted unit which uses horses for rescue missions.

The Central and Coastal Stations both have a Crime Prevention Specialist who provides security to the community as well as organizing and training neighborhood watch programs. The MCSD also has a specially trained canine unit for apprehending suspects, sniffing out narcotics, and finding missing persons.

The Investigations Division handles any detective work and a division for Homeland Security handles terrorism, emergencies and disaster readiness.

The Monterey County Sheriff’s Department also boasts a Gang Task Force, a Bomb Squad, Narcotics Investigations, a Crime Prevention Unit, and its own SWAT and Hostage Negotiation Team. 

The Monterey Sheriff’s Department is ready to handle any situation its citizens may encounter.

Monterey County Sheriff Stations

The department operates three different patrol stations in Monterey County including the  Monterey County Jail.

Central Patrol Station
Located in the Sheriff’s Public Safety Building in Salinas
Phone: 831-755-3752
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The Central Station in Salinas patrols North County, Salinas Valley, south to Gonzales and west, halfway to Monterey.

Coastal Patrol Station
Serving Monterey and the coast, including Search & Rescue
Phone: 831-647-7702
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The Coastal Station in Monterey is responsible for the unincorporated areas of Monterey Peninsula, Carmel Valley and coastal areas all the way to the San Luis Obispo County line.

South County/ Roger Barber Station
Located in King City
Phone: 831-755-8366
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South County Station covers southern Monterey County from Gonzales to the San Luis Obispo County line, and west to the ridgeline of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range.

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Updated: 02/20/2015