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Monterey County Jail

Monterey County Detention Division
1410 Natividad Rd.
Salinas, CA 93906
Phone: 831-755-3782
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The Detention Division, better known as the Monterey County Jail, falls under the Sheriff’s Department‘s Custody Operations Bureau. The Bureau also operates the Court Services Division. Both divisions are under the command of Chief Ray McLaughling and Capt. Pat Hunton, along with 5 commanders and 19 sergeants. Fully staffed, the Custody Operations Bureau has 144 deputies and 45 professional staff. Both male and female inmates are held in the Monterey County Jail. Defendants awaiting trial as well as sentenced inmates are housed here.

Every police agency in Monterey County transports its prisoners to the Detention Division in Salinas.

California Department of Corrections, Probation Department, and the Superior Court of California in Monterey County all send parole and probation violators and inmates to the County Jail once the defendant has been sentenced.

All inmates are processed into the system with the use of Iris Scan, digital imaging and digital fingerprinting. The use of this technology makes fast work of precise identification. All information is sent electronically to the Department of Justice in Sacramento. Bookings are completed on computer, and there is a limited video arraignment program and video conferencing that help reduce the risk and cost of transporting inmates.

Bail Bonds for Monterey County Jail

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Inmate Classification Unit

With about 1200 inmates in the jail at any given time, it is important to make sure everyone is housed in such a way to ensure security and safety within. The Classification Unit is responsible for overseeing inmate processing. The team is composed of officers and civilians, trained to evaluate and group inmates with similar backgrounds and characteristics into appropriate housing units.

The classification evaluation takes into account criminal sophistication, the seriousness of crimes committed, the possibility of assaultive behavior, age, and other criteria. Inmates requiring medication for psychiatric conditions makes up about 15 percent of the population and are housed accordingly.

Another important issue to consider when placing inmates into housing units is gang affiliation. Around 30% of the jail’s population is associated with a major gang, so ensuring that rival gang members are housed separately is essential. The Classification Unit also works to develop gang intelligence, follow-up investigations, and assist other agencies with gang related issues.

Inmate Life

The approximately 1200 prisoners housed in Monterey County Jail are placed in 31 separate housing units. They range from single cells for maximum security inmates to open dormitories for the lower risk inmates. Inmates who have been sentenced and are living in open dormitories are able to work as a part of the prison’s work crews. Sometimes these inmates are sent to work off of the prison grounds to maintain the grounds of the Sheriff’s Office or to clear litter off the highways.

Prisoners are given the opportunity to take part in a wide range of programs, including educational and vocational classes, religious services, a library, and drug and alcohol programs. Nearly 250 volunteers work with and support inmates by conducting these programs.

The Monterey County Jail store is run by the Inmate Welfare Fund. Money that is generated by the store is used for the benefit, education and welfare of the inmates confined to the jail. The Inmate Welfare Fund is established by the Sheriff thanks to a statutory authority. The Sheriff fixes the prices of all merchandise in the store. Money from the commissary or funds received from telephone companies are also deposited into the Welfare Fund. Money not used for inmate welfare is used to maintain the jail.

Special Units

One of the special units that make up the Correctional Division is the Correctional Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.). The team was created to handle cell extractions, inmate uprisings, and emergency situations. They are often utilized by the Enforcement Operations Bureau and other agencies for crowd control. The team is lead by one Commander, two Sergeants, and 16 Deputies.

Officers of the Correctional Department must go through a special training program called Facility Training in addition to the State Board Training. This must be completed with another training officer. Once they’ve passed, they are able to become a Facility Training Officer. All COB officers are required to take 24 hours of extra training every year.

The jail also has its own K-9 unit. The dogs are highly trained, each with its own personal handler. They have special skills that include locating, controlling and apprehending prisoners, and crowd control and narcotics detection.


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