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Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department

Situated on the northern coast of California, Mendocino County is well-known for its Redwood forests, microbreweries and wineries. The county covers over 3,878 square miles and is populated by more than 87,000 residents. The main law enforcement agency in Mendocino County is the Mendocino Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff’s Deputies work to preserve the peace, enforce criminal statutes and investigate known or suspected criminal activity. They are also charged with attending all superior courts in the county, operating the county jail and serving different types of civil process.

The Sheriff’s Office coordinates mutual aid with other law enforcement agencies and is responsible for any search and rescue operations in the county. The MCSD provides general law enforcement services to all of the unincorporated areas of the county, which includes nearly 69% of county residents. Their services are also contracted to the City of Point Arena, the Bureau of Land Management and the US Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Mendocino.

Department Information

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department
589 A Low Gap Road
Ukiah, CA 95482
Phone: 707-463-4411
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The Sheriff’s Department currently has six teams in its K9 unit. The dogs are trained in detecting narcotics and assisting with patrol services.With the help of several local organizations, the Mendocino Sheriff’s Department is launching a Graffiti Removal Team.

The team will maintain a self contained trailer that holds all of the tools and equipment needed to cover graffiti areas throughout the county. They will use color matched paint to repair the areas instead of altering the written graffiti to “block” graffiti, a square of non-matching paint over the original graffiti. The team will be staffed with volunteers trained to spruce up these vandalized areas in the county.

The Sheriff’s Department has also partnered up with the Hopland Band of Pomo Indians to create a Methamphetamine Awareness Program for the county. A grant from the Department of Justice was awarded to the agencies in order to help combat methamphetamine-related issues throughout the county. A mobile meth unit will be on hand at county fairs, Native American “Big Times” celebrations, Health Fairs and other special events in the county.

Arrest and Booking

When someone is arrested in Mendocino County, they will be taken to the Mendocino County Jail for booking. Once at the jail, they will be searched for drugs and contraband. Any property that they have on them at the time of arrest will be cataloged and held by the jail until their release. The booking process will include fingerprinting, photographs (“mug shots”), a background check and nationwide warrant search. This could take several hours to complete, depending on how busy the staff at the jail is when someone is brought in.

Bail Bonds for Mendocino

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Updated:  07/19/2011