Bail Bonds for Madera County

There may be a time when a friend or family member has gotten into trouble and is arrested in Madera County. Finding a licensed, professional bail bondsman is your top priority right now. Tonya Page Bail Bonds can help make the entire process go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

When you contact our office about getting a bail bond, we’ll ask a few simple questions about your friend or family member’s situation. We’ll need to know their full legal name and date of birth, what they were arrested for and by which law enforcement agency, where they are being held and the amount of their bail. It will also be helpful to know their employment information and address. If you don’t have this information, don’t panic. An expert bail bondsman can still help you.

We can approve a bail bond in little time and our simple paperwork can be completed by phone, fax, or email, or in person at a location you choose. An agent will meet with you at your home or office, or the jail in Madera.

When you call us at 1-877-861-3761, an agent will be available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to answer any questions you have about bail bonds for Madera County.

The Bail Process

In California, bail is set on a county-by-county basis. Each county’s judge has an annual review of the bail schedule and will adjust the amounts as needed. This bail schedule will be used by law enforcement throughout the county to set bail amounts for defendants. The judge always considers public safety when setting bail. If the defendant could cause more harm to the public, the bail amount will be set higher.If the defendant is a repeat offender, their bail amount will be set higher.

Any extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration. For example, if the defendant was arrested for a DUI but also caused an accident, injury, or death, the amount of bail will be greater than that of a DUI alone.

The judge will also consider if the defendant poses a flight risk, i.e. no family ties to the community, no job, etc. 

In some instances, the judge may allow the defendant to be released on their own recognizance (OR) and no bail will be needed for their release. The bail amount could also be reduced by the judge.

There is also the possibility that the judge will order the defendant to be remanded, meaning that there will be no bail and the defendant will spend the duration of the court proceedings in jail.

Paying for a Bail Bond

Bail in California is among the highest in the nation. Many people cannot afford to pay the entire amount up front in order to gain the release of their loved one. This is where the help of a bail bondsman is needed.

In California, the fee for a bail bond is equal to 10% of the bail amount. So, if bail is set at $15,000, you will pay a bondsman $1,500 for their services. We accept payments made with all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. In many cases, we can make a payment plan that will help ease the cost of a bail bond.  Most of our bail bonds will not require any collateral.

Madera County Jail

Madera County Jail
14191 Road 28
Madera, CA 93638
Phone: 559-675-7951
Bail Bonds in Madera

Madera County is located north of Fresno, nestled in the central Valley and the Sierra Nevadas. The county spans 2,153 square miles and is populated with over 150,000 residents. The southern portion of Yosemite National Park is situated in the northern part of Madera County, drawing visitors from across the country.

When someone is arrested in Madera County, they will be taken to the Madera County Jail. They will be booked into the system, fingerprinted and photographed. A background check and nationwide warrant search will be done. They will be searched for drugs or weapons and any property will be documented and held until they are released. A medical check may also be done.

Here for All of Madera Bail 24/7

We know that this is a very stressful time for you, so let our family help yours. So if someone you know has been arrested by the Madera County Sheriff’s Department or local law enforcement, please call Tonya Page Bail Bonds right away and we can work quickly to get your loved one released from the Madera County Jail. We can post bail 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

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Updated:  06/30/2011